5 Tips for Maintaining Your Hairdressing Scissors?

Professionals always tend to be extra careful when it comes to their tools. Professional hairdressers and barbers are always concerned about their tools. Since they have a lot of important tools in their kits, they have to take care of each of them. Specifically, they are more careful regarding their scissors. Hairdressing scissors are never easy to care, and their maintenance takes a lot of effort. As a hairdresser, you have to put more than minimal effort in order to keep them in the right condition. 

However, many professionals are found unsure about how to maintain that perfect condition of their scissors. We have come up with a few useful tips. Considering scissors of all types, you have to take certain regular steps so that you can keep your scissors in an ideal condition to be used for hair cutting. Of course, a poor condition of your scissor will never help! It would not help give that haircut your client wants. Also, it will scare away your clients. Therefore, avoid that embarrassment, and follow the simple and useful tips explained below! 

Tips for Maintaining Your Hairdressing Scissors

1. Careful Handling

First of all, you have to ensure the careful handling of your scissors. Whether you have regular scissors or professional hairdressing scissors, careful handling is pretty necessary. This is the only way you can maintain the good condition of your tools. Make sure that cutting shears are used in a gentle and careful manner throughout the day. Ensure not to drop them accidentally on the ground. Keep your hands firm on the scissor and ensure a strong grip. If there is slight damage on the scissor, don’t wait to get it repaired. This is what careful handling should mean to a professional hairdresser. 

2. Regular Sanitizing, Drying & Cleaning

Apart from regular and careful handling, you must regularly sanitize, clean and dry your scissors. Scissors are made of stainless steel, if these are professional, quality hairdressing scissors. Therefore, cleaning them is pretty essential. Steel is not a very difficult material to maintain. In the unsafe environment, sanitizing the scissors is also quite essential. You have to ensure that you and your clients are safe from the pandemic. Also, the drying process of your scissors is pretty important. Make sure all these procedures of dying, sanitizing and cleaning are done on a regular basis. 

3. Regular Oiling

Oiling is essential for every tool, and your hairdressing scissors are not an exception. The maintenance process of your scissors requires consistent oiling. We are not saying you have to oil them after every haircut. Weekly oiling is a better option. Also, don’t use any oil you find in the market. These professional scissors come with a special oil and ensure to use that oil that is specially designed for this purpose. Avoid using ordinary oils in this regard. 

4. Consistent Sharpening

You have to sharpen your scissors after some time. We are talking about a reasonable period of time. It depends on the condition of your scissor. However, don’t wait for more than a week or two to sharpen your scissors. We would recommend regular sharpening by the way.; This will keep your scissors smooth and running. Hence, you would be able to satisfy your clients. 

5. Proper Storage

Finally, don’t forget to make proper storage for your barber scissors. We mean a perfect place where you can store your scissors. This storage area must be safe. Protective cases are excellent for this purpose. They can work perfectly to keep your scissors safe and secure. So, arrange proper storage to maintain your scissors! 

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