Found in the south of the island, Le Morne Brabant was a scarcely populated site. It’s usually hotel-circled. There you can see the world heritage of Le Morne Mountain, a single peak that embraces so much of the history of Mauritius. For slaves, the mountain was the place to escape the masters. The location is full of lovely views over the west coast of the island and the south.

Best Places In Mauritius

1. Le Morne

Le Morne Brabant is a scarcely inhabited place found in the South of the Island. It is largely hotel-sized. You will be able to see Le Morne Mountain, a World Heritage Site, which is a single peak in the history of Mauritius. For slaves, the mountain was the place to escape their masters. The place is full of nice views over the island’s west coast and the southern part.

2. Black River Gorges National Park

It is a national park covering more than 6 574 acres (3.5% of the Mauritian land and a number of ecosystems) of incredible native forests and wildlife. More than 300 flowering plants can be found in this dense forest. Would you like to find one of the world’s rarest birds? The National Park is your best bet, as it is the habitat of the Pink pigeon, a Mauritius-endemic bird that almost extinguishes. For these nature lovers, the national park offers a number of long walks. The Black River Gorges is an ideal location for visitors who want to enjoy the vast view of the island, including views, gorges, mountain peaks, and waterfalls.

3. Chamarel

In Savanne district, Chamarel is a small village. Chamarel is very interesting because you will have the opportunity to visit the lovely spots nearby – Mauritius’ highest waterfall at 100 m and the 7-colored land. The Chamarel Falls are just as beautiful as a waterfall and make up a perfect place. As you climb the escalators to the viewing platform you have an amazing view when you hit the pool below 100 meters. More than one of the ‘Seven Colored Earth’ consists of sand dunes with different colors, red, brown, and purple. This phenomenon is due to the cooling of volcanic rocks, resulting in dunes of different colors, at different temperatures.

4. La Vanille Crocodile Park

The show star here is the crocodile, of course, but you can also see other creatures like giant bats, giant turtles, monkeys, and a large collection of insects. Walking around the jungle, you’ll learn more about the endangered species that are endangered in Mauritius and the flora and fauna. Its insectarium is one of the biggest private butterfly and other insect collections in the world. And the lovely beings are the festival of the eyes. Crocodile Curry is even available on the menu in the park’s restaurant. What’s better than to end a visit in a restaurant, while you try crocodile curry?

5. Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

The plot, also known as the Botanical Garden of Sir Seewosagur, covers an area of 60 acres and consists of several palm-tree varieties. The giant lily ponds with buns and frogs, fruit-beaten trees with branch fats, lakes with giant turtles and fish are a unique feature of the garden, without forgoing the trees planted by renowned figures such as Nelson Mandela and Indira Gandhi.

6. Château de Labourdonnais

The Château de Arbeitdonnais is located in the heart of a beautiful natural estate. It helps you rediscover Mauritian lifestyles during the nineteenth century… This beautifully restored 1859 mansion has been rebuilt to its original charm and offers its visitors a unique experience. Following your visit to the castle in his garden you can then walk through his distillery, finally taste the rhum made locally by the Rhumerie des Mascareignes. In the estate, you can also taste the typical Mauritian cuisine which will be your buds’ pure happiness! without a doubt.

7. Ile Aux Cerfs

A large island on the outer east coast of Mauritius, Iles Aux Cerfs is surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches, palm trees, and blue waters of every shade. It is one of the island’s principal attractions. The Blue Lagoon Postcard gives you the feeling of arriving on an island of treasure. Iles aux Cerfs is perfect for relaxing, enjoying the BBQ, and enjoying the beauty of this pristine island from an aerial view. The main beach on the island offers basic services including delicious food restaurants. The Bernard Langer Golf Course is also located here.

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