There are many difficulties that are faced by digital marketers on day-to-day basis. These difficulties are common because the customers they deal are dynamic in nature. Their behavior for product and liking varies within a short period of time. Such difficulties can be easily overcome by focusing on the data that direct you towards ideal audience and the fruitfulness of your campaign. If a marketer depends solely on their experience then chances are, they are losing lot of valuable inputs. Generating customer data and industry data is important to give a proper direction to your campaign and achieve the desired target.

SEOCalling list seven resources that you may consider for cultivating customer data.


Quora is helpful in creating question that can help you get in deep into the details of specific target audience segment. There are many SEO tips that can help you acquire customers, Quora can be added to them for sure. Quora helps to give an insight of what motivates the targeted audience, how to they react to content campaigns etc. With a little understanding and planning you can cultivate customer data from Quora.

Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is a massive platform to reach on demand workforce. Although the platform is tasked based yet it is great way to gather customer data for b2b marketers. This can prove to be a low-cost way to understand user experience around your website, funnel or SaaS product.

Google consumer survey

Surveys are an important way to get valuable information from customers. In Google consumer surveys answers are given in return of access. For a marketer, you can offer them access to premium content offer or product. This way Google survey is more than just source of data but also potential sources of generating lead.

Social media insight

If you ask tips for startup companies progress in sale, experts would always take the name of social media. But social media is not just a platform for business but also a very good platform for gaining insight about the targeted customers. Facebook has world’s largest database that can be reviewed to get a complete insight about targeted customers based on interest, demographics etc.

Historical customer service records

Customer service platforms are a great place to find the inclination of your customers. Reviewing the past cases might reveal why customers are returning without buying? Or common resolution or what are their grievances etc.

You can ask your customer review team to figure out prominent facts like product review, or complaints that can be later reviewed in detail.

Referral sources

It is very important for the marketer to go through the referral sources of the lead. Check the referral sources that generate high amount of lead. Referral sources are not the one that you generate hence go thorough about your audience and find how they connect to them.

Social engagement

If you are a diligent person then you can easily locate the trend in your audience’s taste and preferences. You can definitely combine your insight with the available data generated from surveys and from other platforms.

There are many direct ways where you can directly interact with your customers but switching to these mediums are also quite helpful in generating a careful insight about your audiences.

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