A Guide to the Disney Vacation Club Benefits

The Disney Vacation Club does not just give you access to one property, it lets you visit them all.

If you’re thinking of joining the Disney Vacation Club, you should know that it’s nothing like a traditional timeshare. This is because the entire membership program is based on points that you can use at a variety of properties around the country.

This means that the Disney Vacation Club benefits extend past the initial investment that you made. Every year you get an allocation of points that you can use around the country or bank to use them the following year. This makes it the most versatile program out there.

Interested in learning more about the Disney Vacation Club and its benefits? Stay right here. Here’s everything you need to know.

Disney Vacation Club

The Disney Vacation Club is technically a timeshare. However, it works in a completely different way. This is because the entire membership program works on a points system that can be spent at Disney properties around the country.

This is in complete contrast to traditional timeshares that lock you into a single property. Most traditional timeshares don’t just limit the property that you can access but also gives you a specific time slot every year. This means that you’re forced to take a holiday at the same time every year.

While this has its advantages, it may not always be an ideal time to take a vacation. Maybe you need to handle something at work, or you just don’t feel well. Whatever the case may be, you don’t want to be locked down to specific dates and times.

This is the first clear benefit of the Disney Vacation Club as it allows you to stay versatile by design.

Disney Vacation Club Points

As mentioned above, the Disney Vacation Club is unlike many other timeshares. This is because the Disney Vacation Club works on a points system. When you buy a timeshare with them, you get an annual allocation of points.

These points can then be used to help get massive discounts at parks around the country. There’s no limitation to these points either, allowing you to spend them at any park at any time. In most cases, you can expect to save around 50% to 70% on your vacations every year.

The best part about these points is that you don’t lose them at the end of the year. If you want to, you can bank your points to use in the following year. This means that you can actually save up and spend all your points on a massive holiday for the entire family.

In addition to this, you can also borrow from the following year. This means that you can use this year’s and next year’s points in the same year. While this may reduce your points next year, it means that you can save even more money on your holiday this year.

In some cases, you can actually get the entire vacation for free!

Disney Vacation Club Benefits

There are tons of benefits you can expect from having a Disney Vacation Club membership. This goes further than just accommodation discounts but actually saves you money on park entry fees and rides as well. This means that your membership can help you save on your entire holiday.

When at the parks, you can also enjoy extended evening hours. This means that you can enjoy the beauty of the park far later than day visitors. This is valid at the Disney Deluxe Resort and the Villa Resort properties in the United States.

Your membership to the Disney Vacation Club is also kept digitally. This means that you don’t need to worry about keeping documents and files safe but can have access to the membership through the app. This also means you can quickly share your pass with your family digitally.

Exclusive Disney Vacation Club Perks

Being a member of the Disney Vacation Club also gives you tons of benefits outside the actual properties. The major benefit you can get from having a membership is discounts on the Disney Cruise liners. This means that you can save money on your dream cruise!

All members can also enjoy access to the Member Lounge at EPCOT. This is an exclusive lounge where you can relax and unwind during a visit to EPCOT.

Joining the Disney Vacation Club

There’s more than one route to membership at the Disney Vacation Club. While you can visit the Disney Vacation Club website to choose any one of their available investments, you can also buy a membership directly from another member. This means that you can actually sell your membership and make a profit if the prices went up.

However, DVC resales are usually the better option as they are not limited to the properties on Disney’s website. You can check out more information about resales here:

While you can use the points at any Disney property, you do get a special discount on the main investment property. This means that you can get a great deal by buying a membership that may not be available from Disney anymore.

Get Your Disney Vacation Club Memberships Today!

The Disney Vacation Club benefits are built-in by design. This is because the membership allocates you points every year that you can use to book at Disney properties all around the country. This way, you’re not tied down to one location but can visit different properties for different vacations every year!

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