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Amazon seller account suspension is an extremely terrible circumstance for the seller. It is a disaster for the seller. None of the sellers want their Amazon account to be blocked.

The entire business stops after the seller’s Amazon account is blocked. This happens when the seller does not move in a line with Amazon. The best way to get the suspended account back is to appeal seller suspension

Now is the time to get in touch with the Amazon lawyer team who knows all about the Amazon mechanisms. Our Amazon lawyer knows all Amazon mechanisms and they have specialization to meet the requirements of Amazon sellers who have been exposed for any kind of reason.

Why does Amazon suspend the seller account?

Sellers need to know the actual reason that leads to Amazon seller account suspension. We have found that most of the Amazon sellers have no idea how to deal with the suspension issue.

Apart from that, they lack knowledge about the policies (T&Cs) set by Amazon for sellers.

The online marketplace is the most sensitive marketplace. But the problem doesn’t seem to be a big deal if you know how to handle it properly.

The best method is to write an Amazon appeal letter. The appeal letter is a polite way to show your concern and make it ready to understand your Amazon account suspension. The correct appeal letter must be done step by step.

Now we would like to draw your attention to writing the appeal letter:

1. First of all, you must be ready to display professional behavior instead of starting something personal.

2. Insert a short paragraph at the very beginning of the appeal letter. This way, readers can learn about your purpose in the very first paragraph.

3. I also recommend bullet points to state all of your concerns.

4. Besides, it is best to make your concern clear and write the letter of complaint skillfully to solve the problems.

5. Never take the initiative to say something wrong about the Amazon process.

6. After submitting the complaint letter to, you need to wait for the response.

These are the most important points you need to follow for Amazon account reinstatement. Account suspension leads to a big problem for all sellers. As the business is affected or financial losses are also incurred.

For this reason, we have created this blog post. So that the seller is able to stay away from such a scenario.

Tactics to prevent suspension:

  Tactics to prevent Amazon Seller Account Suspension: you can start with the following methods to prevent Amazon seller account suspension:

1. Always tend to provide the best service to the customers: This is one of the most important features to keep the business on account.

2. You should be aware of checking the reports according to a certain system: Never take the initiative and ignore any notification you receive from These can be as general as photos, images, and the correct category of assignment.

3. Constantly update your listings: You should be ready to avoid any kind of errors from your side. Perform the listing of your product correctly.

4. Avoid selling fake products: Never copy the products as it is not ethical.

5. You should also be aware of how to deal with negative feedback: The negative feedback from customers creates many problems for Amazon sellers.

6. Don’t forget to protect your brand and account name as well: You need to register your brand and also protect your account name. So many sellers are there who face problems accidentally or are unable to access their Amazon accounts.

Amazon sellers need to follow all these tips so that they can manage their seller account efficiently. We have created a web page to share the relevant information regarding Amazon seller account recovery.

Amazon ERC

What are the points you need to follow after Amazon seller account suspension?

(I) You should never rush to file your first appeal.

(ii) Do not attempt to open a new account.

(iii) As much as possible, stay away from changing invoices without good reason.

(iv) Never send a threatening message to Amazon’s legal department.

(vi) Avoid sending different letters to Amazon.

(vii) Never blame the buyers.

(viii) And definitely don’t panic.

 What is the right strategy to create an Amazon complaint letter?

 (I) In the first step, you need to be very professional

(ii) Also, you need to use bullet points to create an understandable complaint letter.

(iii) Later on, you can include a short introduction so that readers understand the issues right at the beginning.

(iv) As much as possible, avoid saying anything wrong about Amazon.

The problems keep coming up, but good management is definitely necessary. We only approached to fix the Amazon seller account suspension as soon as possible.

The specific complaint letter plays a necessary role to create a smooth platform for a seller. However, the problems can be easily handled if you have the right technique to solve them.

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