Apply Your Mind to Teach Your Pet Kitty Valuable Disciplinary Lessons!

Have you found your cat misbehaving sometimes? It is natural for cats to play mischievously every once in a while. Your cat’s erratic behaviour may annoy you, but it might be due to your inability to discipline your kitty well. Yes! Though cats may not need as much training as dogs need, you can have these sessions to enrich your cat’s life.

An unpredictable kitty may get itself into potentially dangerous situations. For instance, a kitty sneaking out of the home in the night hoping to catch prey may return home after getting its paws on a kill, may go astray, or end up in an accident. I mean, the possibilities are endless.

Having cheap pet insurance helps you tackle treatment for any accidents your pet has, covering vet visit charges, prescription bills and more. Purchase cat insurance so your kitty’s quality medical care means much less of a financial burden on you. Buying a pet insurance policy is essential to cover your kitty’s health for now and the times to come.

Along with the insurance’s support, we advise you to focus on disciplining your kitty, so she doesn’t get herself into a soup. Follow the tips we have listed here to avert behavioural issues for your pet in the future.

Don’t Intimidate Your Cat

Physical punishments don’t work with cats. Your kitty goes into a defensive mode instead. Hurting your kitty physically is a strict NO-NO, though you intend to correct the inappropriate behaviour. Instead, it understands this scenario as you not being a trustworthy person, and, given a chance, you will attack it without second thoughts.

Spare the anger and go soft on your kitty. The right step to take is to ignore your kitty until it learns a lesson and praise it for good behaviour. When you do this, it will eventually correct its behaviour. We ask you to shower it with enough attention and affection at this moment.

Keep a Low Tone While Talking

Raising your voice will only stress out your kitty. It may get scared, aggressive, nervous, or back off from you. If you don’t want to face some cat frenzy and confusion, maintain low intonation. On the other hand, maybe you want to caution your pet from getting into a risky situation. If so, choose words like “stop it” or “come back here”. You may also clap your hands to gain attention.

Appreciate Good Behaviour

Your kitty will love to hear some appreciative words from you. So reward it with treats or toys to reinforce the positive behaviour. Also, we advise you not to condemn its misbehaviour. Instead, you may find alternative solutions to satisfy its instincts. For instance, if you find a kitty scratching all-around your house, get a few scratchboards instead of thinking of the behaviour as bad – it’s a natural instinct that you will need to work around.

Be More Tactful, Less Reprimanding

Look for ways through which you can teach the kitty much-needed lessons without you appearing as a punisher. Work under the hood, so your kitty remains friendly with you and catches the moral too! For instance, if your furball is constantly biting you during playtime, get some chew toys or a few other things it can sink its claws into, bite ruthlessly, chase around, or tear apart. Can you see how you can protect yourself from your kitty bites while it can satisfy its senses?

Things may get frustrating for cat parents when the cat craziness doesn’t seem to end. Cat parents need to work on ways to surmount bad kitty behaviour or work around it to ensure peace of mind and safety. Dog insurance benefits you if at all your kitty injures itself or falls sick through imprudent antics. Get cheap pet insurance to support your pet’s health and save some money in your wallet.

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