Bad Health Effects of Over-Exercise You Should Know

Are you a fitness freak? It is good up to some extent but not after that because extreme of everything is bad. Many of us chase our health and fitness goals so thoroughly that we forget to decide our physical limits. Our body needs to follow some dos and don’ts because even good things can turn hazardous if you overdo them. Exercise creates the same concern, especially for those who have long and tiring exercising routines. 

Health Effects of Over-Exercise

Low energy level 

Of course, this is the first symptom to show on your body as an adverse effect of excessive exercise. The body needs energy to perform multiple tasks of a day. Consuming the central part of physical power for one activity will definitely show the results as regular fatigue during the day while you do other things. 

  • Low energy level also causes mental fatigue
  • You fail to focus on the essential tasks of the day
  • Working with fatigue makes the body prone to diseases

Message – What is the use of exercising when you have to become vulnerable to health issues? Exercise is to prevent diseases, not making the body good food for illness.

Muscle imbalance and Cramps 

Exercise includes stretching the body in varied ways, and the whole body participates in the process. The biggest strain goes on the muscles & bones, and if you overdo it, the muscles start reacting against an activity. They fail to bear the strain after a specific limit, and in that case, muscle imbalance and cramps occur. 

Symptoms of muscle imbalance are – 

  • Shoulder pain 
  • Slipped discs
  • Neck pain 
  •   Knee pain 
  • Lower back pain 

Message – You should never let the exercise routine give too much stress on the muscles. Your activities should focus on relaxing the muscles and not to put a strain on them. 


It is again quite a common disease that causes many people who are crazy about their fitness goals. Orthorexia is an eating disorder in which one person wants to eat only healthy food, and that passion extends to a long list of dos and don’ts. It turns into abnormal eating habits and 

  • Symptoms of Orthorexia 
  • Talking about food specifically healthy food habits most of the time 
  • Avoiding social functions to avoid eating out against the eating routine
  • Firmly sticking to a stringent and difficult exercise and eating habits

Message – Exercise affects our mental health as well as psychology. When you dedicate a considerable part of our day and energy to an activity, it becomes your focus. The whole routine revolves around it, healthy food is good for health but always talking about it and avoiding socialization is abnormal. 

Weaker immune function 

Long hours of exercise can cause a drastic fall in the immune system. The stress in hormones causes this issue, and if you do not pay heed to this aspect, significant consequences can occur. Some people lose appetite entirely and feel the urge to do exercise most of the time. 

  • The first indication shows with a decrease in the hunger
  • The exercise routine of 90 minutes or more can cause this issue
  • The sudden impact shows in low immunity for the next 24 hours

Message – Fitness routine should be tied in a time limit like any other activity. Exercise with less or only minimum diet can cause severe effect leaving the body prone to long-term fatigue and diseases. A simple exercise routine is better to keep the due balance and stay healthier.

Heart issues

Yes, it is true. Heart problem is the most dangerous result of excessive exercise. After all, it is among the most fragile parts of the body, and one should not overlook the effects on the heart. One bad habit that is recurring in your fitness routine may give you a lifelong reason to regret. 

  • You must have heard about why doctors suggest heart patients do mild exercise.
  • Heart attack or stroke is the most common danger to those who overdo exercise.
  • If you have any heart disease history, you need first to take advice from your doctor.

Message – You need to be conditional with an exercise routine if it is about a heart problem. Just like nowadays you are planning money to fight a crisis due to pandemic sponsored job loss, you need to do the same in the health part. Otherwise, an intense exercise routine and overlooking heart health are like taking doorstep loans with less or no precaution despite prevalent corona chaos. 

One common conclusion of the above conditions can be that you should take advice from a fitness expert. Many people exercise too much ignoring the side effects, and they end with some health issue. If you are among them, it is necessary to know that there should be a limit on everything. Just like you cannot take medicine too much, it can cause a reaction, similarly over exercise has its adverse effects.

Description – Read the bad effects of over-exercising on your health and some relatable information to guide you on the prevention part.

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