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5 Benefits of Mobile Scanner App for Workplace Productivity

Digital Age has seen everyone embracing the green movement and becoming environmentally responsible, many office spaces continue to remain susceptible to consuming large amounts of paper. As companies look for ways to increase output and reduce costs, effective document management has emerged as one area that could significantly boost efficiency and workplace productivity, how you might ask.

Document management is said to account for a whopping loss in employee productivity in the workplace. Not to forget the physical space required to store said documents and keep them protected, which is sure to rack up maintenance costs for businesses. More than ever, companies need to adapt to emerging technologies such as mobile scanning apps to make the documentation process more accessible and scale down costs.

Document scanning apps for Android, PDF scanner app, and receipt scanner apps are some of the best mobile scanning apps that are becoming indispensable in the workplace. A valuable upgrade from regular scanners attached to desktop computers or laptops, mobile scanning apps is a quick and straightforward approach to scan and process documents that can later be saved on the company server instead of space-consuming filing cabinets.

Mobile Scanning Apps on the Rise

The Coronavirus pandemic proved to be a giant experiment to settle once and for all if work from home (WFH) could be as productive as working in an office environment. When it came to managing documents, phone scanner app and mobile scan apps helped WFH emerge victoriously. Thanks to rapidly improving cameras in smartphones, through the best document scanner app such as Adobe Scan or QuickScan, employees could process documents, get signatures virtually, conduct transactions, and raise invoices with minimum hassle. A neat receipt scanner is all that is required to quickly obtain copies of the original physical receipts and submit them without having to be physically present to carry out the task.

What the pandemic has also accelerated is the development of ‘touchless’ technology across the business spectrum. Shopping has become much more simplified as all it takes these days is to scan a QR code to make payments and use a neat receipt scanner to send in scanned receipts for special rewards. Touchless technology is taking over the workplace as well, in the form of touchless check-ins for employees, employee QR codes, and no-contact logging-in apps using a simple mobile scan.

Any smartphone user can scan documents with phone and scan photos with iPhone with just one phone scanner app at home. Since most of these scanning apps adhere to a universal standard and as almost all major manufacturers have developed compatible products, users can enjoy many conveniences, efficiency, and functionality from mobile scanner apps.

Suffice to say that it has become possible to use a phone scanner app to send and manage important documents and photos from anywhere in the world. This scenario, in turn, helps maintain a consistent level of productivity at work, irrespective of where one is working from, be it work from home, remote set up, or offices globally. Let’s now take a detailed closer look at the various advantages of mobile scanning apps.

Benefits of Mobile Scanning Apps

Scanning on the go: Matchless Convenience, Saves time

Gone is the day when one had to physically place documents in a scanner and then load and save the images onto a computer or a laptop. Now, with a phone scanner app, you can unlock the convenience of scanning through your mobile phone from anywhere. Printing and scanning form the core functions of most workplaces and personal lives. A phone scanner app offers similar roles, ultimately providing unparalleled convenience. All the best mobile scanning apps come with an easy user interface and various output options such as word docs, PDFs, and PPT slides.

Mobile scanner apps offer a seamless transition between desktop computers and mobile phones. One does not have to be logged on to a computer to scan a document or print it or vice versa; users can scan documents using mobile scan and email documents directly from their phone or provide access to their drives and share documents. This ability to scan documents and scan photos with iPhone or Android and email them across is much more convenient than turning in physical copies of resumes, images, ID proofs, etc., thereby saving both time and energy.

Ease of Access

All scanned copies of documents of a PDF scanner app or a receipt scanner app can be stored on company servers, drives, and cloud services like Google Drive, Evernote or DropBox, and can be accessed by any employee possessing the appropriate clearances. Scan documents on iPhone and save them on iCloud to retrieve them as and when required. Accessibility remains one of the best features of mobile scanning apps as anyone from any corner of the world can access stored documents from shared drives or cloud spaces. This way, employees can work together on projects even if they are based out of various locations.

The Document scanning apps for Android and iPhones help employees stay connected, even if they do not share the same workspace. Employees can carry out all the tasks usually associated with an office, such as editing and updating documents and exchanging and submitting scanned versions among colleagues, generally keeping up the workflow and getting more work done than handling physical documents.

Saving Space

Another critical aspect of mobile scanner apps is their ability to digitize everything and remove the need to physically store vast amounts of documents that take up space and pose a fire hazard. Through digitization, one can scan documents with a phone, send the checked items directly to emails, document viewers, file browsers, save them on drives or cloud services, and clear up much-needed space from computers, laptops, and others which in turn improves the efficiency of these devices.

Cloud Integrations offered by most of the mobile Scanning Apps are a boon where storage and retravel was tedious. It enables to declutter documentation and have an organized solution to the documentation tracking and retravel process.

Reduced Risk of Loss

A loss of a business opportunity because one could not access required information in time and a physical loss of documents due to negligence or exposure to elements are both legitimate concerns when dealing with paper documents. Physical documents could get misplaced, stolen, or lost. In contrast, scanned documents safely stored on servers are protected from cyber-attacks, immune to the elements. An outsider cannot access them unless the company or an individual provides the password or shares access.

Enhanced Environment Responsibility

Driving users to become more environmentally conscious is perhaps the most underrated benefit provided by the best mobile scanning apps. Document scanning dramatically cuts down consumption of paper, stationery, and ink, etc., items that increase companies’ and individuals’ carbon footprint. An environmentally conscious individual or company stands to gain much reputation for their efforts towards a greener planet, and deservedly so. Among workplaces, green companies drive greater employee satisfaction and encourage more individuals to become environmentally aware.

Key Takeaways

Mobile phones have innovatively placed the world at our fingertips. Through mobile phones, we can stay connected, obtain and exchange information, and be part of increasingly digitized workplaces with the help of document scanning apps for Android and iPhones. 

Document scanning plays a crucial role in streamlining work processes and generally boosting the workplace’s overall efficiency. Document scanning ensures that all valuable business information and employee data are secure, archiving and organizing data much more manageable, offers greater security from threats, and keeps all the documents in one location, promoting ease of access among the workforce.

Anyone with a smartphone can significantly benefit from having a mobile scan app to the extent of replacing physical scanners. Mobile scan apps help connect more people and aid in effective document management.



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