Best eCommerce hosting provider in India

Are you thinking too much to find the right hosting provider?

Let’s say you have an eCommerce website (or) you want to migrate your existing website to the best hosting provider

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Comparison of the best eCommerce hosting providers in India.

There are many hosting providers across the world, but choosing the best eCommerce hosting is a challenging task, because hosting is the place where all your website contents are stored. So it is essential to choose the best eCommerce hosting for your website.

To help you with that we have listed and compared,

Top 5 best WordPress hosting for eCommerce in India.

  1. WebSpaceKit
  2. Hostinger
  3. A2 Hosting
  4. GoDaddy
  5. Bluehost

Now before taking a look at these hosting providers,

What is eCommerce hosting?

eCommerce web hosting is a service where hosting providers host eCommerce websites for their end customers. An eCommerce hosting provider gives a server where website files are stored and managed. Servers can be rented or purchased through web hosting providers. Web hosts offer server backup and optimization services.

Important features to consider for the best eCommerce hosting provider:

Here are the most important hosting factors you must take into consideration,

High Performance:

  • When you’re running an eCommerce store the hosting provider is responsible for the fast and reliability of your website.
  • More than 80% of your customers leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load your website.
  • The eCommerce hosting provider must include performance and uptime monitoring on your site.


  • In an eCommerce site, product images are the driving factor for sales, which requires a lot of file space especially when your store becomes huge.
  • Hence your eCommerce hosting provider should have enough file storage (for you high quality product images).


  • Security is the most important feature for an eCommerce website, as there are many hack threats and trying to get our data.
  • So it is important to wisely choose your best ecommerce hosting provider which gives security for your website.


  • eCommerce hosting providers should have automatic backups at regular intervals of time, either daily or weekly.
  • So that when you make some changes, even if your site gets crashed all your data will be saved, no worry of losing your data.

Comparison of best eCommerce hosting provider for your website hosting

Comparison of best eCommerce hosting provider for your website hosting


WebSpaceKit is one of the best wordpress hosting provider,

specially built to host wordpress websites. Even though WebSpaceKit is new, it has recently become popular due to its fast loading website. 


WebSpaceKit hosting plan:

WebSpaceKit has exclusively 2 hosting plans, which starts with 199/month, which includes free domain for 1 year, free SSL and free staging and migration of your website.

WebSpaceKit hosting plan

Features/Performance of WebSpaceKit:

WebSpaceKit, of all the hosting companies in India, has a growing community of users owing to the super-fast website loading time they provide.

WebSpaceKit has its servers placed in India, Singapore, and Europe, thus providing the fastest loading time for WordPress websites with the most traffic from India and other Asian countries. We wanted to test it out to see whether WebSpaceKit is truly the fastest WordPress hosting provider in India, as they claim it.

So, we hosted a test website with WebSpaceKit and ran it through a GTmetrix speed test.

Performance of WebSpaceKit

And it took only 972ms! Our test website hosted with WebSpaceKit took less than 1 second to fully load. This goes to prove that WebSpaceKit is one of the fastest hosting providers in India, if not the fastest operating as of 2022.

In the result, FLT (Fully Loaded Time) is the time by which the processing of the entire website is complete, and all resources including headings, text and images are fully visible to the user.

Also, WebSpaceKit provides an exceptional uptime of 99.99% with almost nil downtime for our website.

Performance of WebSpaceKit


  • To begin with security, WebSpaceKit provides a Free SSL with all of their hosting plans. This provides the basic security needed for all kinds of websites. To level it up, WebSpaceKit also has the state of the art CageFS technology to secure its websites. 
  • CageFS technology encapsulates the user information with the website information and conceals it from the eyes of other users. This way, WebSpaceKit ensures complete privacy and thus protects your website from all kinds of security threats.Backups
  • WebSpaceKit provides backups using JetBackup which ensures that the latest version of your website is always safe. And can be restored in case of any unfortunate events.
 automatic daily backups of the website
  • Using JetBackup, they provide automatic daily backups of the website, thus allowing you to restore your website in case of any unfortunate events, from the desired restore point of your choice.

Customer Support

WebSpaceKit provides 24/7/365 customer support primarily via Phone and Email. And a Live chat option is available too, to resolve user queries during business hours. Apart from these, they also have a Knowledge base that can help with the Frequently Asked Questions.

They also have a traditional Ticket-based support system where you can raise any queries as a support ticket and get them resolved. The process is quite easy as you can raise a support ticket right from the dashboard.

Customer Support

WebSpaceKit Pros:

  • One- click installation to launch your website.
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Super fast website loading time
  • Top-notch security when hosted with us.
  • Easy to setup and instant migration.
  • Free SSL certificate and domain.
  • Free daily back-ups.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and business emails
  • Unlimited storage
  • Data centers in Singapore, India and Germany
  • 24/7 customer support available in call, email and live chat.
  • We provide a free staging site.
  • Tailor-made for WordPress

WebSpaceKit Cons:

  • Limited storage and bandwidth

WebSpaceKit Review:

If you want to know what the other WebSpaceKit users are thinking, check out the reviews here.

WebSpaceKit Review


A favorite of entrepreneurs on a tight budget, Hostinger is an affordable eCommerce hosting provider and feature-rich choice if you’re looking for the best web hosting. If you are going to be serving a lot of images directly from your website, then this hosting provider doesn’t have an efficient memory space.



  • Drag and drop builder
  • Free domain name
  • SSL certificate
  • Regular backups


  • Limited support & uneven performance.
  • Live chat only for limited customers.
  • Limited add-ons and features.
  • Less disk space.

A2 Hosting:

A2 hosting provider is one of the best web hosting in the market. designed to be user-friendly, where the user interface looks old and outdated and the beginners might not enjoy the overall experience.

A2 hosting


  • Good backup management
  • Good speed
  • Reliable uptime


  • High charges for backup
  • Slow support
  • Non friendly interface
  • No data centers in India.


GoDaddy is the largest web hosting provider company around the world, a platform with a solid reputation. Although it’s best, if you have a problem on your website or hosting the response isn’t always fast and they have uptime issues.



  • One click wordpress set up
  • Affordable price
  • Many payment options available.


  • No live chat support
  • Restoration fee applicable
  • Internet speed are not the best
  • No unlimited websites.


A WordPress-friendly eCommerce hosting provider, Bluehost promises an easy and affordable way to grow your business. Like most of the hosting providers you will experience a price hike on your plan renewal. So you will be paying a higher monthly rate than your introductory rate.



  • Automatic Backups
  • Free CDN (Content Delivery
  • Custom themes


  • No monthly billing option.
  • High renewal cost.
  • No free sight migration.
  • Lack of focus on hosting.
  • Costly upgrades.

eCommerce hosting provider Advantages:

  • An efficient eCommerce hosting provider will ensure high availability and scalability.
  • Secure your customers information and transaction details.
  • Good hosting experience with less technical issues.
  • Manage multiple websites in one admin panel.
  • Support of the eCommerce hosting provider

eCommerce hosting provide vs website builder hosting

PlatformeCommerce HostingWebsite Builder Hosting
Price $2.49/month$2.33/month
Ease of useEasy Depending upon the provider
Speed Fast Slower 
SEOAverage Above average
Security More securityFewer security

eCommerce hosting sites pros and cons:

Website Reach customers across the country.Absence of personal touch with customers.
Track and analyze customer insights.Comparison of price and products.
Order can be placed from anywhere at any time.Need internet to access the website.
Response to eCommence market trends and demands of customers.Less control over the features.
Space to provide more information about your procuts, reviews and testimonials.Security issues about the information of the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find all the answers that you need.

1. Which is the best hosting for WordPress in India?

After analyzing the top WordPress hosting companies in India across various factors like Performance, Security, etc. We believe WebSpaceKit is the best hosting for WordPress in India. WebSpaceKit provides super-fast website loading time, at an affordable price range, thus making it the best WordPress hosting in India.

2. Which is the fastest hosting in India?

WebSpacekit is the fastest hosting in India. We found that there is something missing with the current hosting providers, either the speed and quality are missing, or the price is high. So the Website Learners team built WebSpacekit to solve all the hosting problems in one go. Now you can get the fastest hosting, at an affordable price with all the features you need.

3. How much does it cost to host a WordPress site? How much does it cost to host a website in India?

WordPress hosting cost is ranging from ₹199/month to ₹2830/month.

It only costs ₹199/month to host a website in India using WebSpaceKit.

WebSpakceKit WordPress hosting plans:-

  1. Basic plan – ₹199 /month ( 1 website ).
  2. Plus plan – ₹399 /month  ( Unlimited number of websites ).

4. Which type of hosting is best for WordPress?

Managed WordPress hosting is best for WordPress.

There are many types of web hosting available.

If you want a peace of mind WordPress hosting, which allows you to focus & grow your business, you can choose Managed WordPress hosting.

5. Can I host multiple WordPress sites and Blogs?

Yes, you can host an unlimited number of WordPress sites & blogs with our plus WordPress hosting plan.

6. Is WordPress available in India?

Yes, WordPress is available in India. And WordPress can be used by anyone on this planet. It is the best drag-and-drop website builder for beginners.

7. Why do you need WordPress hosting?

WordPress at its core is free and open-source. However, in order to create a WordPress website, you need to purchase a domain and WordPress hosting from a hosting provider. WordPress hosting providers provide multiple plans at varied prices, and it is advisable to go with the one that fulfills your needs at an affordable price.

8. Is WordPress hosting free?

Yes, there are some WordPress hosting providers offering free hosting. But free hosting is not the best way to create a website. Because free hosting providers do not offer the needed features & support to build a reliable website. If you are serious about your website, and you don’t want to empty your wallet. You can choose an affordable yet powerful WordPress hosting provider like Webspcekit. With WebSpacekit, you can build your WordPress website for just ₹199/month. At the same time, you will get the best website-building experience.

9. Can I use any hosting for WordPress?

Yes, you can use any hosting for WordPress. WordPress is open-source software that can be used by anyone, and from any hosting you want. If you want to create a stable & professional website, You can choose the best WordPress hosting provider like Webspacekit.

10. How do I move my website from one host to another?

You can easily move your website to any web host by following our YouTube tutorial video.

11. What is the difference between Web Hosting and WordPress hosting?

Which is better Web hosting or WordPress hosting?

A web host or web hosting is a common term, and a web host can be used to make any kind of website, web app, or even mobile app ( Based on the infrastructure ). WordPress hosting is specifically designed to make WordPress websites. And WordPress-specific hosting is definitely better than common web hosting services.

12. What is Managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a type of WordPress-specific hosting where the hosting provider takes care of managing, updating, securing, and even speeding up your WordPress website. Though managed WordPress hosting may seem a bit pricey, it is worth the price considering how much weight it takes off your shoulders. Webspacekit is a Managed WordPress hosting, Where we offer all the features you need to create & maintain your website with peace of mind.

13. Why choose WordPress to build your website? What are the benefits of using WordPress?

Benefits of using WordPress to build your website.

Example websites – Spotify, Sony Music, TechCrunch, Whitehouse

14. Which is the best hosting provider in India?

If you are looking for the best web hosting in India for WordPress, WebSpaceKit is the best hosting provider in India. And it is the only web hosting provider that offers premium WordPress hosting at ₹199/month. One more cool thing is, WebSpaceKit offers all the features you need to build a professional website. It is the best deal you can get to make your website with WordPress.

15. What is a domain name?

It is the website’s address, which people have to enter to reach your website.

Example websites are,

16. What is a web host?

Hosting is the place, where your website’s files are stored on the internet. Like your website’s images & text.

17. How does WordPress hosting work?

When people enter your website name on a browser, WordPress hosting will serve your website files, and your site visitors can see & browse your website from anywhere in the world.

18. Does my WordPress web hosting server location matter?

YES! Hosting server locations matter and they impact the website speed. That is why some of the prominent hosting providers in the global markets fail to make an impact in the Indian market. And that’s the same reason why WebSpaceKit, with its servers in India and Singapore, is growing to be the favorite among the Indian crowd with its super-fast websites.

19. What is WordPress?  

WordPress is open-source website-making software. 43% of the internet is using WordPress. From popular businesses to local shop owners, everyone is using WordPress to create their online presence.

20. What can I do using WordPress?

From personal blogs to online stores, with WordPress, you can make any kind of website you want. Check out the types of websites which you can build with WordPress.

21. Is WordPress good for beginners?

Yes, WordPress is good for beginners. In fact, WordPress is the most beginner-friendly website builder, that allows you to build the website you want, just by using drag & drop without any coding.

22. Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. You can get a full refund of your payment if you cancel your plan within 30 days of purchase.

23. Do you offer WordPress hosting with free SSL?

Yes, with our WordPress hosting service you can get free SSL certificates for all your websites.

24. What are the best WordPress web hosting plans?

Managed WordPress hosting plans offered by WebSpacekit.

  • Basic plan – ₹199 /month ( 1 website ).
  • Plus plan – ₹399 /month  ( Unlimited number of websites ).

All the plans come with essential website-building features like automated WordPress installation + free site migration, free domain name, free SSL installation, free business emails, and a free staging environment. Among all the WordPress hosting in India, WebsSpaceKit stands out from the crowd, by offering top-notch WordPress hosting solutions for an affordable price.

25. Is Wix better than WordPress?

  • We can’t say that. Both website builders, Wix and WordPress are unique in their own ways, and, at the end of the day, a responsive website is a goal.
  • Wix is comparatively new and has grown into a full-fledged website builder over time. Whereas, WordPress with its years of experience has built a fool-proof platform for content management and website creation.
  • If you are curious to learn more about the differences, we have a separate article for WordPress vs Wix.

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