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16 Best Practices for The Best Ecommerce Checkout Process

As a retailer, you expend time and money to attract visitors to your website. Many marketing and advertising content are needed to promote and move the product. Your efforts will be futile if customers do not complete the checkout process and purchase the product. The sale of a product is critical to the success of a WooCommerce website.

An eCommerce checkout process is a grand finale for an eCommerce website that includes specific steps that a consumer should take to complete a purchase. It is the location where the customer finalizes their product selection, confirms the shipping method, and makes the payment to purchase the product. As a result, a well-designed and straightforward checkout is required to reduce WooCommerce cart abandonment by consumers. But, in terms of numbers, it’s as if, out of 45000 people, only 4500 are buying and the rest are filling the cart.

As per Bayard’s research, an average WooCommerce abandonment cart rate is 69.80%, and nearly 1 out of 5 abandon the cart. 

ECommerce store owners can hire Whatso, an Marketing Automation Tool, to help them improve the website checkout process and help the eCommerce to boost its sales and get maximum WooCommerce abandonment cart recovery. They do it by including attractive features and specialties that attract a packed audience, more consumers and finalize the maximum product purchase. Its interface is very user-friendly.

So, there are specific easy steps that an eCommerce should follow to attain maximum WooCommerce abandonment cart recovery. Marketing Automation tools like Whatso also provide Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce to solve the problem. Let’s see what are they: –

Top 16 Practices for The Best Ecommerce Checkout Process

1. Prioritize Mobile-friendly Website Design

As an eCommerce company, it must be cross-platform (i.e., it should offer a website and an application). Nowadays, as usage of mobile phones is increasing, most consumers use phones to finalize the product and make purchases. Retailers need to provide very user-friendly UI/UX and design and all necessary product information. In addition, your mobile-friendly design should be consistent across the board.

2. Create One-page Checkout

Consumers do not like to make complicated payments; they want to provide desired information like address, name, mobile no., etc. A one to two-page checkout process is the best in all cases for any easy and fast process. Retailers can find help by using the WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin.

3. Avoid Additional charges

None of the middle-class people want to pay any extra charges. Your price attracts most consumers, so additional shipping charges and donation amounts (optional) should be shown first. Always try to have fewer charges.

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4. Always Include Customer Support Information on the page

In some cases, consumers find it difficult to make payments or provide self-information. So, provide customer support on every page during the checkout process. Activating a chatbot to assist customers is a beautiful way to enhance the customer shopping experience. Whatso can help with this.

5. Always allow guest checkout

It should not be mandatory for the customers to log in or create an account to proceed to the Checkout; this makes consumers rethink whether to proceed. To avoid all this, always provide a guest checkout. You can manage all this when you use Marketing Automation Tools like Whatso.

6. Avoid distraction During Checkout

Whenever a customer is proceeding towards making payment, they don’t want to get distracted by any other un-useful information or ads. Distraction can mostly lead to abandonment carts for WooCommerce. The checkout page instances should resemble the main page. Customers will be relieved of the stress of not knowing which page they are on.

7. The Inclusion of Coupon Codes 

Consumers are drawn in by discounts, coupons, or promo codes. So always try to include them because everyone wants a rebate or something extra after shopping, whether in cash or gift coupons.

8. Data validation and notification on input error

Data validation and notification for customer input errors are included. It will aid in reducing customer errors and obtaining more accurate customer information.

9. Transparency in Pricing and Products

The shopper should have a good idea of what is in the cart. The product’s image, characteristics, dimensions, and color should be present. The vouchers should be neatly arranged in a cluster. To help differentiate the concepts, use different colors for additional information.

10. Avoid Reductant Processes 

Many users abandon the cart page because they are tired of entering irrelevant and useless information. To save time, include a feature that automatically fills in the billing and shipping addresses, as they are the same.

11. Offer good payment options.

A retailer should offer all the possible payment options to make consumers choose their desired choice.

12. Security seals and badges

Many users abandon the cart page because they are tired of entering irrelevant and useless data. Include a feature that automatically fills in the billing and shipping addresses, as they are the same, to save time.

13. Autosaving the cart content when abandoned

This feature helps save customers’ time as this allows them to directly return to the checkout option without browsing and finding products again and again.

14. Confirmation of post-payment order.

Post payment order confirmation helps in building trust in your customers. Send notification summarizing the total amount, taxes included, and estimated delivery time.

15. Offers benefits to your customers

Always try to offer additional benefits to your customers either by coupons or festival discounts etc. Limited-time sales also help in attracting customers to purchase the items.

16. Always keep simple Checkout

Complexity during Checkout is the reason for WooCommerce abandoned carts. It is always tough to understand everything; always try to keep it as low as possible. Comprehensive product information combined with a single payment page makes it easier for customers to decide.

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