Best Supplements for Muscle Growth

Supplements for muscle growth are, as an industry, worth billions of dollars. People across the world are more interested in bulking, building, and lifting than ever before. 

But if you’re just getting started on your muscle building journey, the various supplements for building muscle can be pretty confusing. What are the best supplements for muscle building? And what do they really do?

Well, worry not, we’re here to clear up the many mysteries surrounding the wild world of muscle mass supplements. Stay put and keep reading, because we’re about to get swole.

What Are Supplements for Muscle Growth?

Protein, creatine, and every other -tine under the sun. We’ve all heard of them, but what are they really?

Put simply, muscle supplements can help in a couple of ways. They can help you use more energy during your workouts or they can assist with the actual process of building muscle mass.

The former is pretty easy to understand. Much like how eating a big plate of pasta right before a workout will turbocharge your lifts, downing a supplement before lifting can help you squeeze out those extra reps. Energy ingested becomes energy expended. Simple!

Muscle building supplements are a little more complex. Building muscle works, paradoxically, by destroying muscle. When you lift a heavy weight, you cause all sorts of nicks and scrapes in your muscle mass that your body has to repair. When it does those repairs, it makes the muscle harder, larger, and stronger.

It uses protein to do it, which is why downing protein supplements can help you on your journey to muscle mass heaven.

How Do I Choose the Best Supplements?

First of all, don’t be taken in by cheap ‘miracle cures’ from disreputable sellers on third party sites. Quality muscle growth needs a quality product, which is why you should only buy from legitimate muscle merchants (visit CrazyMass here for one such example).

As for which supplements to buy, it depends on what your goals are! Do you want to max your reps? Double your strength? Or just bulk up as fast as you can? These goals can change the supplements you should be looking for.

One supplement you can pretty much guarantee you should always be taking is protein. Protein is so useful for all sorts of muscle-related stuff that you can’t go wrong with taking it.

On the other hand, if you want to max out your strength, try out creatine. It’s super useful for increasing your returns on strength when lifting!

Muscle Mass for the Masses

And that concludes our brief but dazzling guide to the cool world of supplements for muscle growth. Whether you’re a veteran powerlifter or you’re new to the world of weights, these supplements can help you maximize your gains and minimize your pains in the world of lifting weights.

So get out there and get ripped, fellow gym-rats!

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