Best Things to Do in Atlanta This Year

Atlanta is famous for heat, fire, and even. General William Tecumseh Sherman’s last defeat against the southern provinces during the American Civil War burned down most of the city in 1864 in his infamous “Marriage to the Sea”. The city rises from the ashes like Phoenix. Today, as more than 5 million people live in this metropolitan area, the world’s busiest airport, high-quality food, and the honor of the legendary civil rights leader Martin Luther King are reflected.

Great Things to Do in Atlanta This Year

1. Atlanta BeltLine

From the idea of ​​graduating from Georgia Institute of Technology to become one of Atlanta’s most popular destinations, Atlanta was once known as the “terminal” of the railroad tracks that joined the city before the Civil War, and the project brought back history 22. -The railway line around the center of the city, through multiple paved roads paved with native trees and artworks. By the end of the year (expected by 2030), it will connect 45 suburbs within the city, including 33 miles of second-hand roads and 2,000 hectares of parks, as part of the  An insider’s guide to Buckhead. -The largest and most extensive urban development. If time is limited in the area, please select the entry point and destination, and then short-circuit. Simple speed clock.

2. Shop and skate

With Thanksgiving approaching, another important day of the week is Black Friday, where everyone participates in sales and celebrations, and one of the best shopping areas in town is Atlantic Station. Then, after you have made an incredible deal (it turns black on Friday), enter the station.

3. Catch an outdoor comedy show

On Friday night, I finished my activities and participated in the wonderful outdoor activities of Self Self Beer Company. From 8:30-11:30 in the evening, visitors can enjoy the colorful social entertainment program hosted by Vas Sanchez and local comedians on the grass. Seats are limited and lawn chairs and blankets are welcome, so please bring everything you need and enjoy a free night of laughter.

4. Relive the ’90s at Cascade

If you have a sizable share of the cocktail appreciation this week and you are looking for some life, after the is over, you can taste some  South. Ka and Kombucha tubing starting at $2, Southern Culture can also be held with ” “End Brewing” together provide customers with a unique holiday experience of Belt Line shopping. On Sundays, the  Artist Market is open from 1-6 pm, so you can drink local and buy it at the art store. One of the holiday gifts.

5. Sip kombucha while holiday shopping

As Marian Liou, the founder of We Love BuHi, said, if “Atlanta is the cultural capital of the New South,” then “Buford Highway is the core of multiculturalism.” On this busy road, you will find a variety of international cuisines including Vietnam, Peru, China, Malaysia, Korea, Cuba, and Mexico. Use Lee’s Bakery-one of the few places where you can get an amazing bakery and banh mi-as a starting point for your exploration. It symbolizes many gems on the road: although it is not beautiful, it is good. 

We can say mixed when you get there (half a mile for someone you don’t know, half pho)-you can’t go wrong with the French fries and spicy soup that you grill every day. If you find yourself interested in other things in another part of the world, just drive; Panahar in Bangladesh, some sushi in Atlanta’s best sushi Hayakawa and Korean cuisine in Sogo-dong Tofu House are far apart.

6. Buford Highway

Read the list of any visit to Atlanta. The Georgia Aquarium is the most important. This living museum was opened in 2005 and is the largest indoor aquarium in the Western Hemisphere with more than 10 million.

This large building is home to more than 100,000 animals. It has 100 species of wildlife habitats, including whale sharks, sea lions, bottle dolphins, and whales. , X-rays, penguins, etc. It is also the location of the hospital, and the new “Shark” (The Deeps) opened up 1.2 million gallons of water. This is the home of shark species, including tigers, sand tigers, silkworms, pens, and big lions.

7. Georgia Aquarium

This is the largest physical building in the Southeast with an area of 2.1 million square feet. It is home to supermarkets, local shops, stadiums, and more than 20 different restaurants and food companies (and many James Beard award-winning chefs). 

Ponce City Market (Ponce City Market) is a great place to go, whether you are shopping in a small shop, shopping center, or supermarket, or in the cafeteria (including the three James Beard Award winners). Host some exciting activities, such as cooking classes, art and candle-making workshops, wine tasting, etc..

8. Visit Ponce City Market

Atlanta has a few places where the flag is flying, and I’m proud of that-but the biggest of them is the small five. Playgrounds (most of their independent plays are legendary items), clothing stores, vintage shops, and many colorful restaurants, but the minimalist material that makes L5P unique is the head of the garbage worker There, shoppers will find gifts, clothes, and art for all kinds of people, from goths to hippies to punk.

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