7 Best Whiteboard Animation Software in India 2021

Best Whiteboard Animation Software

People are more into watching videos rather than reading content. Recent research suggests that 50% of people want to watch online videos. More than two-thirds of traffic will be owned by online videos by 2022 as per Cisco. There are certain types of videos that you can create like vlogs, online presentations, training, and many more. Whiteboard animation videos are the most prominent type of videos among them. you can create this video using whiteboard animation software.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

In earlier days, educators used whiteboards and markers to illustrate any concept or theories. “Whiteboard animation” is an animated and explanatory video that includes sketching pictures and giving out information by recording your voice. Later you mix both video and audio for the final output.  

Surveys suggest that the human brain operates on portraits 60,000 quicker than regular text content. Animated explainer videos are demanding as they engage audiences more than any other video type.

Are you still searching for an excellent way to teach your students or market your goods or service? Well, you don’t require any special tools or techniques to get started. Just a PC and one best whiteboard animation software and you are good to go.  

Here is a list of the best whiteboard animation software that can help you achieve your goals. 

5 Best Paid Whiteboard Animation Software 

1. Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software

Doody is among the top whiteboard animation software, helps you create animated explainer videos with a drag and drop system. It is easy to use and can be customized with requirements. Doodly can help you to create videos for sales, social media, and teaching purposes. Doodly provides a wide range in man and female hands of certain attributes. Businesses of any size can opt for Doddly. Finally, it is available for both Windows and Mac OS users. 

doodly dashboard


  1. Drag and drop functionality 
  2. Easy installation on devices 
  3. Upload and draw your, picture with smart draw technology
  4. Use whiteboard, green board, and blackboard as a canvas
  5. No cap on the number of images in a video
  6. Access to music tracks free of cost
Standard Plan (Monthly)Standard Plan (Annual)Enterprise Plan (Monthly )Enterprise Plan ( Annual )
$39/ month$20/ month$69/ month$40/ month

Website: Doodly

2. VideoScribe Whiteboard Animation Software

VideoScribe by Sparkol is whiteboard animation software trending in the market. Specially, designed for small and midsize businesses. Videoscribe also provides cloud storage, so you can use it anytime and anywhere. Interestingly, it offers a huge image library that includes 40+ categories of shapes, designs, animals, etc.

doodly dashboard


  1. Free music library
  2. Import music, fonts, and images.
  3. Integrated audio recorder
  4. Save projects offline and online 
  5. Export video in any resolution and size


$ 96$35$17.50

Website: VideoScribe

3. Vyond Whiteboard Animation Tool

Formerly known as GoAnimate. Vyond is a cutting-edge whiteboard animation software that provides animations, shapes, and canvas. Designed for the B2B sectors, it offers several templates and themes for HR, sales, marketing, online learning, and many more. You can easily export videos in mp4 format and directly upload them to your learning management system.

vyond whiteboarad animation software


  1. Online single-click publishing 
  2. Multi-lingual support
  3. Integrated infographic tool
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Automatic lip-sync integrated function


$299/year $649/year$999/year

Website: Vyond

4. TruScribe

TruScribe is an award-winning whiteboard animation software that can assist you in your communication needs. Known for creating a natural and engaging content platform. Moreover, it also offers distinct themes for specific industries accordingly.


  1. Easy background replacement 
  2. Save any video into GIFs
  3. Customization capabilities 
  4. Provides several animation types 


  • Quote-based 

Website: TruScribe

5. Easy Sketch Pro Whiteboard Animation System

Easy Sketch Pro is ideal for both professional and personal use. It is popular for its easy drag and drops function. Moreover, you also get an integrated analytics tool with this software. 

easy sketch pro dashbaord


  1. Easy import of videos, images, sketches, and audios.
  2. Huge library of royalty-free music and themes
  3. Completely customizable 
  4. Easy exports of videos files 


StarterBusinessBusiness Pro
$37 for lifetime access$67 for lifetime access$97 for lifetime access 

Website: Easy Sketch Pro

Top 2 Free Whiteboard Animation Software in 2021

6. Animaker

Animaker is an open-source and free whiteboard animation software. Just by a single step of registering you can start using it immediately. Animaker has a variety of infographics for various domains. It provides you with options where you can insert sketches from your PC.

animaker whiteboard animation software


  1. Offers pre-designed templates
  2. Export of videos in 4K resolution
  3. Supports direct social sharing
  4. Third-party integrations with collaboration tools 
  5. Provides online and offline access 


  • Free up to 720 animated videos. Post that $19 is the starting price. 

Website: Animaker

7. Renderforest Free Whiteboard Animation Software

Renderforerst is a free whiteboard animation software. It allows creators to create and present engaging content to viewers. It is suited for business and teaching purposes as well. It also lets you create logos, graphics, and website designs. 

renderforest dashboard


  1. Predefined themes
  2. Easy integration with analytical tools 
  3. Video sharing with a single click
  4. Dedicated media library for music, audios, and other animations
  5. High definition resolution at export.


  • FREE
  • Lite: Rs. 499/ month (annual billing)
  • Amateur: Rs. 699/ month (annual billing)
  • Pro: Rs. 1499/ month (annual billing)
  • Agency: Rs. 2999/ month (annual billing)
FREERs. 499/moRs. 699/moRs. 1499/moRs. 2999/ mo

Website: Renderforest

Wrapping Up

People need quality information instantly, which is not probable by using traditional methods nowadays to make explainer videos. Above mentioned 7 whiteboard animation software will help you create beautiful and engaging videos in a very limited time. 

Did we miss out on any tool? Let us know in the comments below!

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