Cervical Cancer: Is It Preventable?

Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer found in Indian women. Out of all the different types of cancers, cervical cancer accounts for nearly 6-20% of the cases. However, it is not a largely known fact that this illness is a preventable one. In this article, we will study an overview of cervical cancer and whether it can be prevented or not. If you want to receive personalized medical care, you can visit the CK Birla Hospital, the best cancer hospital in Gurgaon

What is cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is cancer that affects the cervix of a woman. A cervix is the lower part of a woman’s uterus that connects to the vagina. 

It is most commonly caused by the influence of a sexually transmitted infection called HPV (human papillomavirus). 

Early signs and symptoms of cervical cancer include:

  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding 
  • Watery and foul-smelling vaginal discharge 
  • Pain in the pelvis area during intercourse

Is cervical cancer preventable?

Fortunately, yes, like most cancers, cervical cancer can also be prevented. It is necessary to understand that regular screenings play a major role in prevention. 

Cervical cancer can impact any woman at any age. However, some women are more vulnerable to developing this cancer than others. Therefore, it is important to learn about the risk factors of this illness. 

Common risk factors of cervical cancer are:

Multiple sexual partners: If you have had multiple sexual partners in the past, your chances of developing cervical cancer increase. It is because your chances of attaining HPV infection are also higher. 

Sexual intercourse at an early age: If you were engaged in sexual activity at an early age, you are more likely to get an HPV infection. This increases your odds of getting cancer of the cervix. 

Other sexually transmitted infections: If you have had any other sexually transmitted infection, you may develop this cancer in the future. In such cases, you should go for regular screenings. Vaginal infections are very common in this situation and taking probiotics for women can help minimize this infection.

Weak immunity system: A weak immune system directly impacts your chances of cervical cancer. 

Sedentary lifestyle – Drinking alcohol, smoking, and other poor lifestyle choices can lead to an increase in the possibility of cancer in the cervix area.

What are the causes of cervical cancer?

If you wish to avoid developing cancerous cells in the cervix area, you must also know about what causes this cancer in the first place. Common causes of this cancer include:

  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Poor hygiene 
  • Multiple sex partner 
  • Prolonged use of birth control pills
  • Obesity
  • History of cervical cancer in the family 

If you make sure to avoid these causes, you can surely prevent this illness. You can also receive cervical cancer treatment in Gurgaon at the CK Birla Hospital.

How can I prevent cervical cancer?

Depending on the risk factor, you can aim to prevent cervical cancer. It is suggested that you start early cancer screening in case you have any of these risks. 

Here are some ways you can try to prevent cervical cancer:

Get vaccinated for HPV: Medical science has now brought the option of vaccination for HPV. If you have the risk of getting HPV, you can talk to your doctor regarding the vaccine. 

Have regular Pap tests: A pap smear is a simple gynecological test that can help in detecting if cancerous cells in the cervix. 

Have safe sex: You can considerably prevent this cancer by avoiding unprotected vaginal intercourse. Having safe sex is critical for leading a healthy life. 

Stop smoking: Smoking makes you extremely vulnerable to cervical cancer. You should aim to lead a healthy life without smoking or drinking. 

Limit your number of sexual partners: You can stay clear of STIs and cervical cancer by limiting the number you have intercourse with. 

To get personalised information, you can visit the CK Birla Hospital, the best cancer hospital in Gurgaon where you can receive the best cervical cancer treatment in Gurgaon.  


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