Comprehensive Guide To Matte Makeup Tutorial For Winter

Matte makeup gives the perfect porcelain finish to your skin. The basic problem for oily skin is no matter how expensive makeup is used; all need frequent touch-ups; otherwise, it starts to fade, or the skin begins shining as oil seeps out. But matte keeps the oily skin shine-free all day long. It keeps the makeup matte intact for a longer time without touch-ups. 

Chilled weather makes the skin dry and dull, but settling for the lifeless-looking skin is not a good option. Anyone can flaunt healthy skin with matte makeup in winter without any hesitation. The appropriate moisturizers and serums before the matte makeup will help nourish your dry skin. Moreover, it hides the wrinkles and dark spots on the face that will allow you to look younger.

Carrying matte makeup will never let you wrong in any place or occasion. It gives a picture-perfect look with every style and mood. It provides a professional touch to the makeup even at home. Getting matte makeup is not complicated; you need to learn the right product’s right technique. This article will provide a brief tutorial on matte makeup for winter.

Guide To Matte Makeup Tutorial For Winter

1. Prerequisites

Before using any matte makeup products, there is the need to ensure that the skin must be ready to hold the makeup; otherwise, it may spoil the look. First of all, check your skin is free of hairs and acne, or you can try laser hair removal to treat your face. Continue with the exfoliator to remove dead cells. Make sure that it is not oil-based. 

Move on with a perfect toner that is not alcohol-based; otherwise, it can reap off the moisture from your skin. Apply the toner with cotton balls without rubbing and leave it for a few minutes. 

Now, moisturize your skin that is water-based and formulated. It is essential for oily and dry skin to carry nourished and hydrated skin. It will avoid the caking of the skin after the makeup. Again wait until it gets absorbed by the skin.

As your skin gets ready for the matte makeup, apply a small amount of magnesia milk to your face, more important for the oily skins. It absorbs the oil and also has no side effects. Let it dry. At last, apply a suitable face primer. It will remove excess oil from the skin and keep the makeup intact. 

2. Matte Foundation

Now comes the foundation. Choose a matte foundation that suits your complexion and gives long-lasting shine throughout the day. “For applying a mattifying foundation on oily skin, use a brush. And for the drier skin, use a damp brush”, says Dana Renee, a makeup artist. 

Make sure you apply the foundation well, which is essential for the final appearance of the face. It gives a base to your makeup. 

Correctly apply the foundation to all tiny details on your face, such as the nose’s sides, under the lips. Keep the strokes of blending on the forehead towards your hairline.

Use an appropriate concealer to conceal imperfections on your face like dark circles under your eyes, dark spots, lines, pimple marks. It will also absorb the oil and gives a matte finish to your look. Apply concealer with dots and then blend it with a brush. 

3. Matte Powder

After foundation, apply mattifying powder on your face to give a final touch up to your face. It removes extra oil that tries to seep out and hold your makeup. Further, you can use compact or any setting powder. It is optional; you can end up with mattifying powder.

4. Matte Blushes

Matte blush can give you a no-makeup makeup look. It would be best to choose the shade that suits your tone and get a natural flush. It is more muted, yet has a shining effect. Nykaa’s M-A-C Powder Blushes give a wide range of choices in colour and texture. 

5. Eyeshadows and Eyeliners

Try to use mostly from nude folks. Maybelline gives an all-in-one palette that has various nude shades. Eyeshadows seem to stay matte with everything like dramatic smokey, everyday lid, metallic or shimmer texture. Choose the one that goes with the occasion.

Eyeliner gives the final touch to the eyes. One can prefer soft line and hard-line both, however, softer lines can provide a more natural and younger look. Also choose whites or nudes for the lower lid of your eyes, which emphasize your eyes. 

6. Matte Lipsticks

Start with exfoliation, as you have already done this step on preparing the skin. It will make your lips smooth and even. Now use any of the lip balms to moisturize your lips. It will make your lips shine and ready for any matte colour. Now give it rest for a while, and you can carry on with the rest of the makeup. 

After the lip balm settles, shape your lips with a liner. Redoing matte lipstick will cause irritation and strain on your skin. Give a perfect shape to your lips so that you get the lines to color in with matte lipstick on one go. Either you use a straight from the tip or a lip brush, try to be precise as possible. Use the trending winter colour to flaunt your lips.  

Remove extra fudge after all these steps using tissue paper. Further, if needed, conceal your flaws using a lip brush, and give a crisp finish to your lips. 

Get through the guidelines

Winter is the most sensitive season for your skin, though perfect for the matte makeup look. Get the dewiest look on this winter following the guidelines mentioned above. 

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