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Decision-Making Online Course: The Soft Skill for Success

Decision-making is a vital soft skill in the 21st century. People have a myriad of options to choose from regarding career and their personal lives, etc. To decide, keeping the context in mind is very important. Every aspect of your life and career requires you to make decisions. In many careers, making decisions is a significant part of the job profile, such as working as a risk-assessor for a company or as a judge. A decision-making online course equips people with the tools and skills necessary to make the right decision in complicated situations. There are many kinds of decision-making courses that deal with different decisions that need to be made. For example, there are those specifically for financial decisions or those specifically for making ethical decisions, etc. However, broadly, all decision-making courses focus on teaching their students how to analyze and tackle the different choices when deciding.

What does a decision-making online course entail?

  • Decision-making courses first introduce their students to the process of decision-making. Any decision-making involved being at a crossroads and having different choices to pick from. These choices need to be analyzed based on each person’s ethics, interests, and what they want as a result. It teaches students that the right decision for every person is unique to their circumstances and needs. 
  • The students are then taught how to identify the root cause of an issue. Most times, when a person has difficulty deciding, it’s due to some underlying reason that they cannot tackle. Finding and understanding the root cause can help you make the decision more easily.
  • The course includes teaching students how to think analytically to identify and choose the best possible solution for a specific problem. When faced with an issue, people often get too wrapped up in how they are feeling and/or other external influences and end up making their decisions based on that. This leads to you not making the right decision for yourself. Learning to think analytically ensures that you can make decisions based on the necessary and relevant facts.
  • It teaches students how to do systems thinking. It’s a way of thinking that looks at every decision as a part of a bigger system. In other words, it teaches you to make every decision by considering the bigger picture. It teaches that making the right decision is about making the right decision at that moment and considering how it will affect other things. 
  • It teaches how to make decisions using present value. The present value way of thinking states that the present value of anything is more than the value that it can have in the future. Many people fall into the fallacy of expecting things to be better in the future and making decisions based on that. Deciding based on present value teaches people to recognize and understand the value of what they have right now and consider that while deciding.
  • It teaches students to come up with innovative and creative solutions when making decisions. Thinking out of the box can give rise to game-changing and innovative decisions and solutions.

What is the purpose of a decision-making online course?

  • The purpose of the course is to teach students how to make decisions based on data instead of intangible things such as feelings and external influences. It also attempts to teach students not to fall into the trap of common fallacies that people often do, such as not thinking long-term while deciding. 
  • In work and personal life, people come across many high-pressure situations that often tend to carry an element of risk. These are the exact situations in which people find themselves stamped and unable to make decisions. This course teaches its students problem-solving skills that can help them tackle issues in high-pressure situations without getting burdened or stumped due to the possibility of risks. 
  • It teaches its students how to make decisions that are ethical and informed. Making an ethical decision entail keeping in mind the decision maker’s values and morals, and with that in consideration, looking at the best possible decision for them.
  • To help its students learn how to think strategically and solve issues they may come across. A person who has mastered decision-making is more confident and has a greater likelihood of success in life.

What are the benefits of taking a decision-making online course?

After finishing this course, its students will be able to:

· Make better decisions using their newly learned critical thinking skills and find creative solutions for their problems by utilizing creative out-of-the-box thinking.

· Introspect and recognize the barriers in their minds that stop them from making creative and innovative decisions.

· Have new tools in their thinking tool-belt that help them analyze situations better and differently and look at the world with a renewed critical eye. 

· Be more open to learning new methods of thinking and solving issues and be able to recognize when other people in your proximity are falling into thought traps and fallacies that keep them from making fruitful decisions. This ability to identify when other people are falling into traps will enable you to help them.

· Be able to make more informed decisions by identifying and considering all the relevant aspects of a certain decision and what you want from that decision.


A decision-making online course is a course that teaches people one of the most important soft skills in the 21st century. It teaches one how to tackle important issues and make the best possible decision in response to it. It is one of the many online growth courses that are available nowadays that one can take to improve their skills.



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