5 Dental Procedures That Will Help Restore Your Smile

About one-third of adults are unhappy with their smiles. This means that the simple act of smiling may cause anxiety.

The good news is that there are dental procedures that can help fix your smile so you feel confident in your smile and yourself!

Ready to hear about the procedures that will help? Read on to make your smile one that you love!

1. Teeth Whitening

An easy way to fix your smile that is not very invasive is through teeth whitening. You can either do it yourself with teeth whitening strips that you pick up at a store or get it professionally done at a dentist.

Even if you can just do a few whitening strips, it can improve your confidence after just one time!

2. Dental Implant

If the reason that you don’t feel confident in your smile is that you are missing teeth, having a dental implant can fix the issue. This is the only dental care option that can fix the entire missing tooth as well as the root of the tooth.

It really gets to the “root” of the issue!

3. Gum Surgery

If you feel that your gums are the reason that you do not like your smile, having a dental procedure like gum surgery may be the best option for you.

This can help with receding gums or having too gummy of a smile. Gum surgery can also help with gum disease.

If you choose to go this route, it’s important to know that gum surgery is a more invasive and expensive procedure to have. Consulting with your dentist should be done before making the decision. You should also ask a few questions to know what to expect during recovery from gum surgery.

4. Dentures

You’ve heard of them before: Dentures. They are typically used by older people who have lost most of their teeth.

Now, there is an option to get a hybrid bridge implant procedure which is a way to have dentures completely inserted into your mouth. This is a more permanent solution than dentures themselves.

The dental bridge is supported by only four dental implants. Because you are implanting an entire bridge into your mouth, this can reduce the likelihood that you will need bone graft surgery down the line.

5. Dental Veneers

Veneers are basically a shell that can be put over teeth to improve the appearance of the teeth themselves. They can improve the color and the shape of the tooth.

One benefit of choosing dental veneers is the fact that they last up to 15 years, so the smile you learn to love will be there for quite some time!

Dental Procedures to Improve Your Smile

If you lack confidence in your smile and want to change that, having dental procedures can help!

Whether you just want to whiten your teeth or want a full bridge replacement, it’s important to consider all benefits and risks before doing it.

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