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Different Types of MBA You Can Pursue in 2022

People who love taking risks and want to pursue something big for those business worlds seem very attractive. So, in future, if you want to see yourself as an international company manager or want to become an entrepreneur, then pursuing an MBA degree will be an intelligent choice.

Regular or General MBA degrees include courses in Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Management, Economics, etc. This course’s holistic approach doesn’t confine itself to one particular subject. If you want to get admission to prestigious B-schools, you need to get an excellent percentile in the MBA entrance exam to pursue your MBA career.

Different Types of MBA You Can Pursue in 2022

1. MBA in General Management

Students interested in taking up MBAs in General Management will learn about problem-solving, critical thinking, and risk-management skills. After completing the course with these skills, one can get management or administration positions in public, private, and NGOs. 

2. MBA in Marketing

MBA Marketing is the right course if you are interested in taking an administrative or managerial marketing position. It includes general business courses and upgrades your knowledge and skills in marketing. The course consists of subjects such as Branding, Product Development, etc.

3. MBA in Human Resource Management

The most popular course in MBA is Human Resource Management. In this course, one can improve their human resource management skills to the next level with better knowledge and understanding of strategy, business administration and human resources. Some popular courses include Managerial Finance, Negotiation, Organisational behaviour, etc.

4. MBA in Consulting

MBA in Consulting is best suitable for those who love and enjoy written and verbal communication. It combines traditional business courses with Consulting, Business Strategy, Business Communication, Ethics, Organisational Behaviour, etc. Students will better understand business dynamics and human relations and their impacts during this course.

5. MBA in Entrepreneurship

MBA in Entrepreneurship will only be fruitful if you want to start your own business or become heir of your family business. So, to start a business, one should be highly ambitious, dedicated, and responsible. It also provides courses on Venture Feasibility, Product Design and Marketing, Resource Management, Generating Start-up Ideas, Sustaining a Start-up, and Entrepreneurial Strategies.

Mainly, nowadays, people choose to start their own company after graduation. So, by taking up this course, one can fulfil their dream of becoming an entrepreneur or use this skill to make their current startup venture better.

6. MBA in Finance

MBA in finance is the right choice for students interested in playing with numbers, budget preparation, and excellent in detail preparation of financial budgets for them. MBA in Finance combines traditional business courses like Corporate Budgeting, Investment Analysis, Portfolio Management, Investments, Fund Management, etc.

7. MBA in Operations Management

The MBA programme of Operations Management enhances students’ analytical skills and teaches them to use mathematical models and systems. A person who holds an MBA in Operations Management degree helps improve the quality of products and services by reducing production costs.

8. MBA in Management Information Systems

Students who take up this programme will learn how to implement, design, and teach them to use various advanced programmes to store and manage the enormous data of companies. The data is collected, stored and organised in a Management Information Systems (MIS). Based on the analysis of this information, users can generate detailed reports and use them to evaluate the overall performance, make changes, and offer feedback. We can conclude the article by stating that MBA can be pursued in Finance, HR, Marketing, Management, etc. But, to pursue your career in MBA, one should first get through the entrance exam, and the CAT score vs Percentile also matters.



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