Do You Love Making Fast, Healthy Batches Of Popcorn?

Popcorns are weaved into many of our favorite memories, whether it’s standing within the line at a movie theater’s entrance gate and smelling the heavenly flavor of popcorns and warm butter wafting towards you or a family movie night on the large couch with a bucket filled with your favorite popcorns. Without popcorns, a number of our greatest experiences would have remained incomplete. 

Although it’s fun to shop for ready-made popcorn once you attend the movie theaters, these delicious entertainment snacks also can be made at the reception, and therefore the better part is that you simply can make them tastier, healthier, and customized to your liking! But to form popcorn reception on your stove, you’ll need to buy popcorn kernels, which are then popped in oil on the stove. It’s a fun activity to try, thanks to the good smell of popcorns being made that fills up your kitchen and also there’s something strangely satisfying within the popping sound made when the popcorns are being cooked. 

How To Use A Hot Air Popcorn Popper?

Hot air-popped popcorn is great because it’s a quick healthy snack that will taste pretty good too. If you’re wondering the way to use a hot air popper? There isn’t much thereto. Just remove the popping chute and fill the popping chamber with 1/4 to 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels. Then replace the chute and confirm the melting lid is in situ. Then put a bowl under the chute to confirm your bowl is large enough to carry about 15 cups of popcorn if you spent 1/2 cup of kernels.

Then plug your popper in and hit the switch if your popper has one. there’s no got to add oil. In fact, the oil will damage your hot air popper. If you would like a more authentic oil popped taste you’ll want to think about a stovetop popper or an electric popcorn popper. The beauty of an air-popped popper is that it pops with air and adds no calories, fat, or sodium to the popcorn. After popping, you’ll add butter, salt, or other flavorings. 

Most air poppers have a lid that doubles as a butter melting cup. If you would like you’ll add butter to the melting cup and it’ll melt because the corn pops. Then in any case, if the popped corn is within the bowl you’ll pour the melted butter over the highest and add popcorn salt or other popcorn seasonings. 

The butter melting cup may be a nice novelty, but it’s a touch messy. Sometimes it’s easier to melt your butter during a saucepan on the stove or during a cup within the microwave. You can read our reviews of the simplest hot air poppers here if you’re within the marketplace for one. We even have some ideas for healthy toppings that will be big on flavor but low on calories and fat.


Whatever the corn kernels are available makes an enormous difference to how convenient you’re ready to store them. Bags can easily burst during shipping and cause a multitude of corn kernels scattered everywhere in the box they’re packaged in.

 Although plastic containers also can break, it’s usually an honest idea to urge a jug like this with a lid that will be reused. a decent lid means the corn will stay within the pantry, to not mention it’s easy to open the lid and pour some into a cup when it’s time to form popcorn.


If you’ve tried many various brands of popcorn, you recognize that the corn it’s harvested from makes a difference in taste and texture. Companies that put tons of care into harvesting their crops and storing the kernels in special storage containers usually end in far better popcorn.

Gourmet popcorn and other heirloom varieties that are cultivated for flavor are always an honest choice. You’ll know that you simply are becoming a far better product and each batch, from the primary to the last, is going to be delicious and fresh.

Types Of Best Popcorn Kernels For Air Popper

Some might imagine that there’s just one sort of popcorn. If you’ve only ever had an equivalent kind, you’ll think that’s all there’s. But there are numerous others to settle on from, including classics like white and yellow but also red and black.

There’s also butterfly popcorn which is fluffier and features a more complex pattern than the mushroom type which is rounder. White corn is usually smaller when popped and more tender. So counting on your preferences, you’re bound to find corn that you simply will love which you’ll haven’t known about before.


Popcorn lovers agree that freshness is important to an honest batch of corn. There’s nothing worse than chewy, stale tasting corn. Instead, you would like it to possess a pleasant crunch to the feel but not too hard either. Keeping the kernels in an airtight container helps ensure freshness. The corporation also shouldn’t ship them too long after they need been harvested. Storage containers at the packaging facility should ensure no moisture leaks out so you get the simplest popcorn experience.

 Do some research to form sure the manufacturer takes this into consideration because moisture can ruin the kernels. Although proper storage once you get the merchandise home can account for tons, it won’t be ready to save corn kernels that haven’t been handled with care from the beginning.


Making popcorn in an air popper rather than on the stovetop goes to saves lots of your time just by choosing this method. Additionally, to the mechanism you employ to pop the corn kernels, you ought to also search for a product that’s easy to use so you’ll make snacks fast.

 One of the explanations of popcorn is so appealing because it’s very easy to form. It doesn’t require any preparation or chopping and it’s difficult to form a nasty batch. Starting with high-quality kernels makes the method even simpler.

 Kernels that come cleaned and prepared to be popped directly will save even longer. A container that will be opened within seconds without spilling means less pack-up time too. the dimensions of the bag or jug will make a difference too because it will make it convenient to pour the proper amount of kernels into your air popper.

Cook Time

If you’re hosting a celebration or a movie night with family and friends, you’ll need a continuous supply of popcorn to make sure you don’t run out. in fact, you’ll make an enormous batch beforehand, but it’ll become cold and rancid over time.

 One of the benefits of getting an air popper is so you’ll have a fresh, hot batch of popcorn almost instantly. Then all you’ll need to do is pause the movie or step faraway from the party for a couple of minutes and return with an enormous, heaping bowl of delicious popcorn that’s bound to delight everyone. 

Starting with the proper popcorn makes an enormous difference. to save lots of on cook time, get kernels that accompany their own oils and seasonings. Or make a mixture of seasonings and spices beforehand to sprinkle on top once the corn is prepared so it is often enjoyed immediately.

Amount per pack

The amount of kernels in each packet is a crucial factor to think about because you are doing not want to finish up buying an outsized amount of popcorn that you simply wouldn’t be ready to finish but also it’s a nasty idea to shop for packets that contain insufficient popcorn for your big family and running out of popcorns right before your favorite television program starts. it’s important to assess what percentage ounces of popcorn kernels you’re using hebdomadally or monthly and refill your kitchen accordingly in order that there’s no wastage or shortage.

The Packaging

As with all other edible materials, it’s important to notice that the popcorn kernels have an honest packaging that ensures safe storage of your popcorn. Popcorn kernels in containers with airtight lids or in resealable bags are good because they assist to preserve the freshness of the kernels. The packaging should even have a transparent description of the nutritional facts in order that you’ll remember any ingredients that you simply could be allergic to. Also, if you favor non-GMO and vegan kernels, that information should tend to the packaging.

The Variety Of Kernels 

There are many sorts of popcorn kernels and everybody has their own preferences when it involves what their favorite variety is. On the market, you’ll commonly find yellow and white popcorn kernels, and even blue, red, purple, etc. if you would like to explore the chances of flavors and textures of various popcorn. Each variety has its own unique flavor, texture, amount of hulls, and size and you’ll experiment with different varieties or stick with your favorite variety.

Only Kernels with Oil and Seasoning

Popcorns are like rice within the sense that there’s without stopping to the amount of the way you’ll prepare your popcorns and tune them to suit your likings. Popcorns kernels that come with none seasoning or oil would be an excellent choice for you if you would like maximum freedom in how you would like to form your popcorns. you’ll replace butter with vegetable oil, add cheese or caramel rather than salt, or try one among the fun recipes that always come on the packaging of the kernels. But if you would like your popcorn preparation to be quick and straightforward, you’ll choose the popcorns that have the kernels, oil, and salt in separate compartments, and everyone you’ve got to try to do is cut the packet open and add it to your stovetop, microwave, air popper or electric popper. The salt, oil, and kernels of those packets also are available in pre measured portions which save you from the difficulty of getting to live them out manually.

In order that by the top of this text, you’ll have a transparent idea of which popcorn kernels you’d wish to buy and make a bowl of popcorn to pair together with your favorite movie and luxuriate in an excellent time.

Best Pick

This eight-ounce pre-measured packs of popcorn with separate compartments for oil and therefore the seasoning is the ultimate solution to creating a theater-quality popcorn at your house, with the reassurance of achieving consistent taste and quality. thanks to its simple use, consistency, and top quality, it’s achieved the simplest pick position on our list.

Budget Pick

If you’re trying to find a classic non-GMO, organic popcorn with 100% copra oil, this is often a product that will meet your high standards while staying within your budget. BY stocking up your kitchen with these popcorn kernels, you’ll make theater-quality popcorn anywhere and anytime, with the added safety of the popcorn being gluten-free, vegan, and completely organic.


Now that you simply realize the seven best popcorn kernels on the market and also a comprehensive list of the items you’ll get to concede to choose the popcorn kernel that’s suitable to your taste and nutritional preferences, you’re able to treat yourself and your family to a delicious bowl of popcorn.

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