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Free Likes for Instagram: How to Know If It’s Real or a Scam

Do you want to grow your business or monetize your Instagram account? You need to grow your following if you hope to make money from Instagram.

About 15% of Instagram accounts have more than 10,000 followers. These accounts can command top rates for sponsored posts.

It’s not just about growing your following, it’s also about growing engagement. If you post content to 10,000 followers, but if no one likes the content, you won’t gain more followers or get attention from advertisers.

There are programs that offer free likes for Instagram, but they have a reputation for being scams. Do you want to know if these programs are legit?

Read on as we take a closer look at getting free likes on Instagram.

Why Getting Instagram Likes Matters

What matters more, getting likes or followers? Today, getting Instagram likes matters more.

A few years ago, everything was based on the number of followers you have. Your reputation and credibility could be instantly validated because you had a few thousand followers.

You see how rare it is to get beyond 10,000 followers. If you reach that benchmark, you must have something valuable to offer, right?

That’s the assumption that people make, so they follow your account.

If you’re just getting started on Instagram, or you’re trying to reach a milestone of 1,000 followers, getting likes matters more.

That’s because Instagram changed its algorithm. The algorithm uses artificial intelligence to try to predict what kind of content users engage with.

Instagram looks at several factors to determine the type of content people are likely to interact with.

It starts with a user’s past activity. If someone follows a lot of fitness and nutrition accounts and interacts with that content, they’re likely to interact with more of that content.

The algorithm tracks a user’s interaction with your account. If someone liked or commented on your posts in the past, they’ll get shown more of that content.

It also looks at the information within your posts. For instance, if your post has a location tag near the user.

Instagram’s algorithm also looks at the number of likes a post received. The more likes it gets, the more likely it will appear in people’s news feeds who don’t follow your account.

When you get more likes on Instagram, you broaden your reach. People will then decide to follow your account. It’s a faster way to grow your account.

The Lowdown on Getting Free Likes for Instagram

Now that you understand why getting Instagram likes matters so much, you’re going to want to know how to get as many likes on Instagram as possible.

There are services that claim to offer likes and followers for a small fee. Some of these services are scams. They’re automated and can trigger penalties on your account.

There are programs that let you get free Instagram likes from other accounts. You sign up for an account and set up the program to automate the likes of other people’s posts within the community.

You like content that other users post on their accounts. You build up a savings account of likes for yourself as you like posts.

You can withdraw those likes at any time and get likes for your own content.

It’s important to closely evaluate these services before signing up. Some of these services are legitimate, while others aren’t.

Stay safe on Instagram by reading reviews of the service before you sign up. What kind of information does the service when you sign up?

Do they ask you about your goals in getting likes or the type of content you post? This is important to know in order to match your account with users.

Ask questions about the different services that offer likes on Instagram. This helps you test their service and support. You’ll be able to make a smart decision about getting free Instagram likes.

How to Make the Most of Getting Likes on Instagram

There’s an endgame to getting free likes on Instagram. Your goal might be to grow the number of followers or convert people to customers.

Whatever your goal is, you need to make sure you have other items ready.

As you get free likes on Instagram, you’ll attract more attention to your profile page. This is where people will go to learn more about your account and decide if they want to follow your account or not.

Check out your profile page. Is your bio up to date? It needs to tell people what your account is about and why they should follow you.

If you want the free likes to springboard into more visibility, take advantage of all of Instagram’s features. Instagram is so much more than posting pictures.

Create fun and engaging stories, reels, and video content. This sends a signal to Instagram’s algorithm that you’re engaged with the platform and push your content out to more people.  

It’s also important to keep the momentum going. It’s not enough to post on Instagram a few times, get a bunch of likes, and think that’s all you need to do.

Success on Instagram takes consistent effort. Make sure you have a consistent posting schedule so your content gets in front of new people on a regular basis.

Is It Worth It to Get Free Likes for Instagram?

Instagram continues to change. Right now, the main emphasis is user engagement. That’s why it’s important to get Instagram likes.

Should you go out and get free likes for Instagram? You can, but you have to do your research before you sign up for free likes. Be sure to get your account ready and create content that people will love.

For more helpful tech tips, check out the other articles on the blog today.



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