Six Best Video Call Apps For 2020 You Can Rely On!

Technological advancement paves the way for growth and connectivity.  At least, in the last seven months (considering the lockdown scenario due to the COVID-9 pandemic), the world witnessed that, thanks to video-conferencing. 

Workplaces could not have been working on an autopilot mode. It was possible only with the help of consumer and business video conferencing platforms and solutions. They provided immediate connectivity.

The modern workplace, which is currently the home now, have all been about collaboration and team talks. The devices have made video-call meetings seamless, fun-filled, productive as well as possible. It provided this rapid-fire connectivity. It also meant that these dependable video conferencing have now become not only accessible and affordable but can easily serve the modern workplace. 

The meet, collaborate, call and chat facility available on video conferencing have not only connected workplaces and employees, but it has also taken care of the environmental concerns. Less commuting to work helped to pave the way for lowering carbon gas emission. 

In the effort to make all these possible easily, the efforts have been made to cover general consumer video conferencing platforms besides the business ones. 

6 Best Video Conferencing Apps

In a bid to do so, there are listed six best video conferencing Apps that have solutions according to their testing, performance and review.  They are either paid or free, so let’s begin!

#1. Zoom Video-chat and conferencing App

Zoom video conferencing became a household name in the last few months when people stayed indoors and availed the facility for all practical purposes, during the on-going lockdown. Zoom, the video conferencing app, in this phase overtook the home and business users of Skype, a hot favourite of several video-conferencing facility users not so long ago. 

The apps could be downloaded on mobile phones increasing connectivity.  The common features that worked for this App were screen sharing, live annotations and encryption. Users found it more secure and easy to connect.      

However, the growing popularity is based on their free version.                                                                                       If simply video chatting with one friend, the free app provides access free. In case you decide to invite more than three people, the time limit of its users reduces to a 40-minute free only.                         

The idea to not have end-to-end encrypted is to have the law enforcement operational in case of any breach, open. And end-to-end encryption allows no one the keys to your data, not even Zoom itself. Zoom is free video-conferencing connectivity with no end encryption unless paid.

#2. Skype, ‘the’ Video-conferencing App

Skype has a reputation for being the favourite with international callers and those texting. Microsoft’s offer, incorporating a powerful 50-people connect limit comes free. Like Zoom, Skype also has a browser facility for clients. It’s well-suited to connect to parents that don’t have devices and are restricted to landlines or a basic mobile phone. Skype covers some basic needs too like screen sharing on mobile, live transcription and translation.

Although free, Skype covers other bases too, the paid version of the app for businesses has been recast. But that’s not required if you’re using it with friends, or using it to coach scholars, helping with their assignment help.

#3. Facebook Messenger

The much popular video-conferencing App in the business community is a delight for its users. The spaced-out whiteness available on its page provides ample space for display of products that need marketing. The top-right icon has a camera and audio facility for connecting to make things easier if one taps on it. 

The beauty of using Facebook Messenger lies in the fact, even if you are disconnected from an FB account if you are signed in on messenger once, the facility continues to operate even if you have deactivated on Messenger.

The mentioned video-Apps have been free ones so far, however, a large number of international users prefer some of the private video-chat, encrypted end-to-end available as other alternatives. 

#4. Signal

The signal is another cool Video-calling App very dear to people who want to be members of the protected encrypted community. However, it has not been a very popular model with the masses despite its easy user ability. Signal has been adding cool new features to catch-up with its biggest rival WhatsApp. Its low popularity so far is based on its inability to support group chat yet, so its use is limited to one-to-one video calls only.

#5. Google Hangouts

One of the most accepted and loved video calling app professionally is Google Hangouts. It is a great example of a consumer-grade app, which is always welcomed on the business sphere with open hands. The advantage of using Google Hangouts lies in the fact that it integrates with Gmail and Google Calendar, works on Chrome and connects up to 10 participants on one go!

#6. Jitsi

Another one of the most opted video conferencing or video calling app is Jitsi. It is an assortment of free as well as open-source multiplatform voice call, video call as well as an instant messaging app. It is also to be noted here that Jitsi works on the web, windows, Linux, macOS, Android as well as iOS. 

Final Thought

One thing that need not be put aside is the fact that the entire Apps connectivity effort is IT-driven. The IT machinery worked fast to deploy convenience in these video conferencing software with all that is required. 

The technological advancement particularly opened a barrage of opportunities for connecting work and entertainment on these devices; shrinking the world further. It paved the way for growth and connectivity.

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