Here’s How You Can Overcome Monday Blues

Monday motivation is the need of the hour when tiring jobs and unrealistic expectations of top managers are draining all the energies of employees. If you are such an employee who does not want to go to the office on Monday, then this article is for you.

Monday anxiety starts from Sunday afternoon when you start realizing that the weekend is going to end. So many life coaches are helping people out to feel better about their Mondays to encourage a good start to their week. Have you ever thought that hating your Monday means you hate a part of your life that is really very important for your survival? And the important truth we all need to remember is, life is too short to live it unhappily.

Thus, today thought to share a few tips to help you feel good about your Monday Blues and have a great start to your week ahead.

Do What You Love

You may have heard this advice often, “Do what you love and you will not be working a single day.” This does not mean that you have to stay at home idle, rather you must pursue your passion. If you love reading, then find a job at a place where your reading skills can be utilized and your love for reading is the job requirement.

If you are an artist, work for a relevant employer that does not ask a painter to enter data in excel sheets. If you do what you love and your passion becomes your profession, you will wait for Monday every weekend. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Love What You Do

Everyone cannot pursue their passion when they are supposed to feed a family and win bread for the household. Sometimes we do not even know what our passions are all about and how can we make our way to them.

In such situations, it is recommended that you start putting all your energies into loving what you are already doing. If you are appointed to work as an accounts officer and you need to keep records, learn record management at their best, and work on your accounts knowledge so that you can handle any inconvenient situation. Furthermore, you can learn any other skill regarding your job to excel at it. This will give you self-satisfaction, better job performance, and recognition among colleagues which will surely turn your Monday Blues into Monday Magic.

Get a Work Buddy

Monday Blues is nothing but just spending all day with files and laptops, eating your lunch alone, and taking all the coffee without gossiping about anything to anyone at all. Getting yourself a work buddy is more than just a blessing, you can share your work problems, get help, rant, complain, and motivate each other for every good thing around you. A work buddy sometimes becomes a reason to go to the office daily and you might keep waiting for Monday on weekend to meet them again.

Maintain Your Workstation

Your workstation says a lot about your commitment to work, you can do literally anything to make your workstation look welcoming to you every day when you reach the office.  Be it an indoor plant or cute little hangings with motivational quotes, you can get anything for your little cubicle.

Be Helpful

Sometimes the best motivation you can get for yourself is motivating others. If you can make others’ lives better, you can always feel good about yourself without any doubt. Helpful and kind people are loved by everyone around them. So, next time help those who need your help professionally or even personally; and put a smile on your face while you are at it. Within a few days, you will see a new change in your Mondays.


This is something tricky and you actually do not have to do anything physical for this. It does not even require any energy, but you have to be strong-willed and must be able to divert your mental energies towards positivity. All you have to do is talk and think in affirmations about your Mondays.

Yes! This is not a joke – stop saying what you actually feel about going to the office again after an amazing weekend and start using affirmative phrases instead, for instance, “Wow, it’s Monday again!”, “I am going to rock this week!”, etc.

However, this level of mental positivity will only be forwarded to others if you are at peace. If you are frustrated with even the tiniest little things, such as poor internet or running out of coffee, it can become quite impossible. While we may not be able to help you in other areas, we sure can recommend exceptional internet options for rural internet and urban internet. Make sure to check out internet service providers such as AT&T Internet at your earliest and enjoy remarkable internet speeds with unlimited data throughout your working day.

Be Prepared

Start preparing your next weekly routine on Sunday evening, such as preparing your breakfast, bringing out your favorite dress, and preparing a lavish lunch box with tasty meals. This will excite you and ignite some positivity.

Ready For Your Next Monday Then?

We understand that getting exciting about going to work on Monday might seem like a strange concept to you. However, if you do give this strategy a chance, we are hopeful that your Mondays will be rejuvenated like never before.

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