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Estate agents are warning homeowners to sell their home first before buying another

Buying a house in the UK is the most stressful yet beautiful investment one can do. Searching for the best property takes time and a lot of effort. The property market in the UK has flourished exceptionally well in the past decade. However, the real estate business has been going through a lot of ups and downs in the last few years due to several reasons.

The property business picked up its pace in 2020, after the year-long stamp duty holiday. This phase saw a lot of buyers flooding in and investing in properties across the UK, and the demand for countryside homes is growing progressively.

People planning to downsize or upsize their property will have to sell their existing property before taking the subsequent steps. Understandably, people want to make a proper decision without compromising on anything.

When dealing with more than one home at a time, the person must be clear and firm at every step of their property buying venture. Getting prepared for a sale is not an easy task. Based on the recent assessments from the local estate agents, they are advising the residents to sell their property before buying a new one.

Searching for a new home can be done gradually, as we can see an overflowing number of listings with properties for sale in Charlton Kings, Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham and other adjacent towns and villages. The process of selling is quicker than buying a property, and this comes with a lot of benefits that speak for themselves. 


Property prices in the UK have been unstable for a long while, and it is difficult to determine their future characteristics. The real estate business has improved, and the demand for homes is higher and will continue to rise in the coming years. With limited options left in the inventory, people are ready to grab the next available property at any price.

The shift from buyer’s to seller’s market will help in completing the property transaction quickly once the ideal buyer is identified. Once the previous property is sold, people can buy their next property that matches their budget and requirements in the UK. 


Purchasing a home is an expensive feat and requires handling money in the long term. From paying for the initial deposit to monthly interest for select mortgage plans, there is a lot of money involved in the entire process. Managing the finances is the most complex part of this journey.

Once an old property is sold out, enough money is readily available to deal with the next property purchase. With the money available in hand, the budget for the next home can be planned accordingly and eliminate the more expensive household options easily. Selling the previous property will qualify the person for their jet mortgage loan without having to wait in the queue for months. 


Everyone knows that a lump sum is necessary for the initial deposit, even before completing the property transaction. People in the UK or anywhere else prefer applying for a home mortgage when they buy a home. The interest rate to be paid for a mortgage for a month is relatively higher than other bills of a person.

It might be challenging for some people to pay for a mortgage and manage other expenses alongside. In this case, paying for another mortgage simultaneously, will be too much on their plate and might cause many difficulties. Closing the old mortgage plan before applying for a new one is the best way to avoid a financial crisis.


Property hunting is a strenuous task when the buyers’ requirements are indistinct or undecided. Without knowing the budget, it is challenging to move forward when buying a new property. When you sell the previous property after closing the mortgage deals, the money, which is readily available, will be helpful to decide how much a person can afford for their next home.

When this information is at hand, the following steps will become easier. With several properties available in the city and the countryside of the UK, buyers can now have a relaxed way of approaching their next ideal home. 


There is more time for negotiation with the buyers at the time of selling a property. The number of properties available is low and mismatches the prevailing need. The rising demand is compelling people to quote higher prices for properties despite their budget limitations, which is advantageous for the seller.

Only when the homeowner has bought a home before selling is short of time and wants to close the deal quickly people will ask for huge bargains. This is why selling the property before investing in another one is the best way to enjoy more benefits.



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