How Much does it Cost to Build an App With React Native?

How Much does it Cost to Build an App With React Native

According to Statista, mobile apps will earn more than $ 935 billion in revenue by 2023. Technology will be the determining factor whether you’re a little business or a big giant in 2022. As a result, organizations are rushing to develop mobile apps to bring their brands to your phone.

The cost of app development, on the other hand, is a variable. Finding an answer to how much it costs to build an app with react Native is a risky proposition. The pricing range could approximately be somewhere from $25000 to $250,000.

This blog will assist you in learning about the factors that matter in React Native cross-platform app development. Find out what causes the cost of developing a React Native app to rise, as well as what can be done to lower it. Let’s begin with the fundamentals and work our way up from there.

React Native: An Introduction

Despite its introduction in March 2015, React Native has quickly become a popular choice for 38% of developers worldwide due to its versatility. Moreover, due to characteristics like cross-platform mobile app compatibility and adaptability, businesses worldwide are being urged to start with react-native solutions.

React Native, first presented by Facebook, allows developers to create apps for Android, iOS, and other platforms. Due to features like Native-like functionality, single code reusability, and access to several frameworks on the market, React Native has emerged as the best framework for cross-platform app development.

Why did Enterprise Choose To React Native?

The vast majority of startups hoping to establish a mobile presence seek to do so in a cost-effective and high-performing manner. Because it is a widely adopted open-source, cross-platform app development framework, most entrepreneurs and developers consider React Native. Facebook is backing React Native for Android and Android TV development. Application capabilities for iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, and Windows Platform. 

Interest in the react-native framework has steadily increased over the last five years, as shown in the graph above. The following are some reasons why entrepreneurs in 2022 will prefer react native app development.

Cross-Platform & Single Codebase 

Entrepreneurs don’t need any additional resources because React Native is cross-platform. Using the same code base, developers may create apps for different platforms.

Less Manpower

React Native has a distinct advantage over other native app development platforms in that it requires far fewer resources. For example, a project manager, a designer, two developers, and one quality assurance expert are required. If you were to make a native app, though, you’d probably need twice as many people. 

Faster Go-To-Market-Time

Developers may create React Native apps for various platforms with the same codebase, cutting down on expedition time. But, again, the cost-effectiveness of a single codebase is a key factor.

Pre-Built Components And Reusable Codes

React Native allows you to reuse 90% of the code between Android and iOS apps, reducing development costs and time. In addition, there are reusable React Native components and readily available React Native components that you can use in your project.

Simplified UI

When using the React Native framework, entrepreneurs benefit from the convenience and flexibility of creating great user interfaces. In addition, you can create responsive and fluid applications with React Native that load quickly.

Robust Community

Because React Native is open source, all documentation is freely available to the development community. Another benefit is that you can enlist the help of the large React Native community. 

How Much Does React Native App Development Cost?

React Native is among the most cost-effective frameworks available. React Native is the ideal option if you’re on a small budget and create an app. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to estimate react native app development costs, as it is with other frameworks.

The cost of producing an app depends on the project’s complexity or the app’s requirements. Depending on your company’s needs, the price may differ. The developer’s experience and location are two important factors. In the United States, hourly fees typically vary between $100 and $125. If you’re on a tight budget, though, hire react native app developers from India, where hourly costs range from $15 to $40. Now let’s look at the key contributing factors to the React Native app development. 

What Factors Influence the Price of Developing a React Native App?

Examine the aspects of React Native app development that entail additional charges.

Level of App Complexity

Low, medium, or high complexity are the three levels of complexity for an app. Several factors, including: influence the complexity of your app

You can choose from a customized mobile app architecture and a backend as a service (BaaS) model, which allows you to use a readily available backend architecture for your app. The more you customize your software, the more complex it becomes.

  • Admin panel development: The more feature-rich an admin panel is, the higher an app’s complexity becomes, increasing cost.
  • Model of deployment architecture: Backend development options include Custom and BaaS.
  • In-App Purchases: The more in-software purchase choices you provide, the more complicated your app becomes.
  • Third-party integration: Your app may need to interface with other apps’ features, like login and payment; these integrations are a little more difficult with React Native than with Native development.
  • Integration with legacy systems: You may need to connect your apps to an in-house legacy system, such as Enterprise apps, typically medium to high in complexity.

 Access Role-Based  Authentication

If you’re developing an app that involves an authentication process or signup, the price will be more than for apps that don’t require role-based checks, which developers typically specify.

Integrating Add-Ons

If you intend to create a customer-centric app, you might want to combine it with social media platforms and add extra features. These bespoke add-ons are an important part of the pricing and costing process.

Classifying App Category

The elements of your software, such as functionality, the number of legitimate users, security concerns, and so on, can all influence the category in which it is classified. These complexities are bound to impact the price of developing a React Native app. Your app will cost more if it has a lot of features.

Planning App Design

Developing an interactive app will demand the development of well-strategized design planning, along with user-flow, animation, and smooth transactions. Of course, such features will cost you money, but it will be way less than developing a native app.

Suitable Team Size

Depending on the type of team you have on board, the cost of developing a React Native app will differ. The first alternative is to hire freelancers at a low cost but with a low quality of work. Two other alternatives are partnering with a high-capitalization agency, which will be expensive, or a mid-capitalization agency, which will be suitable for native app development.

Providing App Maintenance

Once you have designed and deployed an app, you cannot think that the expenses will end because you must always support your deployed applications. App updates, design modifications, and security updates are part of app maintenance. Annual app maintenance can cost up to 20% of developing a React Native app.

Ways to Lower the Cost of Developing a React Native App

Developers may use React Native to build true, native Android and iOS embedded apps. In addition, react Native Framework has several unique features that help it save money on mobile app development costs. 

Synchronized development for all platforms

You get concurrent application development for every platform and application version with React Native app development. This eliminates the need for additional app development costs for different platforms.

Employ One Team

Instead of employing two different teams to work on Android and iOS, React Native developers can help you create for both platforms with a single team. This is the most cost-effective way to develop an app.

Using existing frameworks

Because React Native developers may construct your enterprise app using existing skeleton frameworks, the development process is sped up.

Save time using Reusable Codes

Because they can reuse the react codebase for multiple platforms, your hired React Native developers will save time and effort compared to designing a native app.

Enabling Hot Reload

It enables React Native developers to save a significant amount of time in development projects by allowing them to make quick changes to the code that are immediately reflected without downloading the file.

Wrapping up!

We’ve calculated the cost of developing a native mobile app based on all of the aforementioned elements. Companies must first determine their requirements before proceeding with the building of React Native applications. To summarise, estimating the react native app development cost is difficult because costs are directly proportional to project complexity and development time. It also relies on the resources you’re hiring, the hiring process you’re using, and where you’re hiring from.


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