How To Draw An AK-47 With A Pencil? We Will Consider All Stages Of

How To Draw An AK-47 With A Pencil? We Will Consider All Stages Of

Kalashnikov, in its history, has broken all records. For example, nearly a quarter of all small arms, which now exist globally, include the AK and its various modifications. This machine serves the armies and divisions of the internal armies of the most significant number of countries. Unfortunately, he also leads the sad statistics on the number of dead from them in military conflicts and terrorist attacks. But it’s not about that. And it’s not even about the technical characteristics, which are among the best in the world for more than half a century. Today we look at only the aesthetic side of the issue – his attention and expressive look. And at the same time, learn how to draw an AK-47 on paper. The legendary weapon, certainly worthy of such attention.


Before you draw an AK-47, the device will consider them. To make him believable, you need at least a superficial knowledge of the essential components.

AK-47 is a wooden stock, a characteristic curved horn, short barrel with a front sight. The shape of the store – an essential detail for artists with cool drawing ideas, distinguishes this model from the “brothers.”

How To Draw An AK-47


  1. Draw a marking line. It is unnecessary to put pressure on the pencil too hard, auxiliary line, we then remove. Butt hangs down at a slight angle from the trunk of the AK-47 is very short. It is necessary to handle exceptional concentration.
  2. Draws the main parts of the machine. I am detailing the trunk.
  3. We return to the other parts. The butt attaches a more rounded shape, draw the interior to its upper part. In the horn and draws longitude lines characteristic of this model AK. Between the handle and the horn are the trigger and fuse.
  4. Before you draw an AK-47, we decided to apply auxiliary lines without solid pressure. So now we can easily remove this eraser. The mainline, on the contrary, move, make it more transparent.


How to draw an AK-47, we learned. Now make the pictures more realistic. At this stage, we need M pencils and 2M erasers. With the help of a soft pencil and draw the deepest shade, do shading. Ordinary soft pencils are helpful where you want to restore a clear line drawing– for example, horn spaces. Use the eraser. Apply some highlights to the bulging part. This will add figure volume.

Finished! You can show off to friends a realistic description of the legendary weapon.

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