How To Dry Flowers Quickly

How To Dry Flowers Quickly
How To Dry Flowers Quickly

With over 400 000 types of flowering plants in the world, flowers are a much bigger part of our lives than we realize.

Whether they’re celebratory bouquets or brightening up a room, flowers are one of our favorite decorations. One of the best ways to preserve flowers is by drying them out.

If you’re someone who loves to buy flowers, you might have considered this before. But the traditional process takes so long, that lots of people don’t even attempt it.

Luckily, there are some other options. Keep reading to learn how to dry flowers quickly.

Microwave and Silica Gel

This is one of the trickier ways to dry flowers quickly, because it needs the right materials and you can only do around two flowers at a time. It works best for round and sturdy flowers like roses. You’ll need a microwavable tub big enough for the flowers, and enough silica gel to fill the tub and cover the flowers.

Start by cutting the stems off the flowers. Pour some silica gel into the bottom of the tub (about an inch thick), then place the flowers in it, leaving lots of room between the flowers and the edges of the tub. The layer of gel gives the flowers something to sit in so they don’t fall over and lose their shape.

Slowly pour more gel into the container, until the flowers are completely covered. Put the uncovered tub in the microwave on full heat for at least a minute. Check the flowers and continue to microwave them for a minute at a time as needed.


This is probably the easiest method for drying flowers quickly.

Set your oven to its lowest heat setting. Place a metal cooling rack on a baking sheet. Clip the stems off your flowers and place the blooms on the rack.

Place them in the oven and check on them every 30 minutes. Depending on the flowers, it can take up to 2.5 hours to dry them out.

Now that you know this method, you can try it out on all the sturdy local flowers you love. Once you’ve perfected it, you can even expand your options and ship flowers from over climates to you. Before you do this, make sure you read up on how to choose the best global flower delivery service.


If you’re worried about your options for how to dry flowers when they’re delicate, don’t worry, this one works for those.

Prepare the flowers by cutting off stems and flattening the blooms between paper and a heavy book. Then, stack the flattened flowers between a layer of parchment paper and a paper towel on each side, with the parchment paper in the inner layer.

Empty your iron of water (dry heat is essential) and place the iron on your stack of papers and flowers.

Know How to Dry Flowers Quickly

Now that you know how to dry flowers quickly you can enjoy them for even longer. Preserve flowers that have sentimental value, and keep the pretty ones as long-term decorations.

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