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How To Improving Your Graphic Design Study Hit Ratio

The graphic designer is essential for any company. This is especially true when it comes to an IT company that offers web development and other multimedia services.

Anyone who has become part of the IT business in any way knows that the graphic design stage is one of the most difficult parts of the process, as it undergoes constant review. Graphic designers create several studies before the client finally accesses one. Although you can charge the client for a study performed, your proposal becomes less attractive that way. As a result, most IT companies move away from this pricing scheme and simply accept the fact that delays in work hours will arise as a result of reviews. Of course, this translates into increased overhead for the IT Company.

The main goal of every IT business is to try to minimize these reviews as much as possible so that it can serve more customers. While there is no magic bullet to this conundrum, here are some tips and guidelines to consider improving the hit ratio of graphic design studios:

Determine the identity of your company

This enables you to understand the types of design you would like to do for your clients and the projects you are willing to undertake. Ask yourself: Would you like to focus on traditional style and design or use the modern approach? What is your general opinion on the color combinations? Are you a defender of minimalism? And other similar questions. Also, ask yourself questions about your work ethic and your business model. Would you rather take on a lot of mini-projects, or would you just like to take on a small group of projects that take longer to finish but yield more?

Look at other IT company websites on the Internet to get an idea of ​​what you want and don’t want for your own company by looking at the vision and mission, philosophy, portfolio, and overall website design of your competitors.

Hire graphic designers based on your identity

Make sure all your graphic designer candidates submit their portfolio along with their resume. The portfolio will help you understand the skill level, design sense, and style of the designer. Interview them to determine their work ethic. Can they work under time pressure? Can they handle the criticism? Do they work well with other people?

A little Obsessive Compulsion (OC) won’t hurt, but a lot will

There are many graphic designers with their own personalities and perspectives at work. One way they differ is their attention to detail and overall neatness. We’re not talking about the way they dress, of course, but the way they make their designs, organize their layers in the PSD file, label these layers, etc.

The general rule will be to get people with a little OC to flow into their blood. I emphasize the title because overly perfectionist designers will dramatically slow down the entire process without actually contributing to improvements that are noticeably visible to clients. Of course, the reverse of this is highly unacceptable. Sloppy work will also slow down the process, either because the client rejects the studio or because web programmers have a major headache fighting their way through layering clutter in an attempt to turn the designer’s PSD file into a website.

Create a company profile website that reflects your design philosophy

Now that you have a trained designer in your workforce, it’s time to take on your first project – your own website. The style and content of your website should reflect the identity of your company. Customers who ask about your business probably like the look and feel of your website, so they will probably expect the result of your design for their own website to be similar in style.

Create your portfolio

Since you’re just starting out and don’t have many previous clients yet, you can try creating some dummy website studies across various industries, so clients can see what your IT staff is capable of. It is a great way to measure what the customer wants, which is detailed in the following point:

Understand the needs and wants of your customers through your portfolio

Have your clients peruse your portfolio so they can choose the style they prefer. Ask them if they have particular websites that they would like you to emulate.

Guide your graphic design staff through the entire process.

To say that design work should be left to the designers is a fallacy. The design should be visually appealing, functional / HTML-compliant, and fit the customer’s needs and wishes. The visual appeal department is handled by the designer, the functional and HTML-compliant aspect by the web programmer, the third-party through whom he interacted with the client. Hold regular meetings, so everyone is on track.

Once you have your images ready to go, it’s simply a matter of opening up the program and starting a new project, choosing a template and starting to design. You can import blank graphics or create them from scratch.

So, to sum up the easy charting process with this package:


In this step, I insert a blank header graphic that I found on my hard drive that was designed for a cycling-oriented website. (Or grab a header chart from hundreds of free charts on the internet, just Google “free header chart”).


Next, I type the text I want to use, put it in the header, and then select the font, size, and color that I want to use (again, I can choose from any font on my computer’s hard drive).


Now for the fun part: I choose our colors and add special text effects like a drop shadow and an outline or border around the text.


And lastly, I save my project, export my header to a jpeg image format, and it’s ready to go! I can always come back later and reopen my project to modify this header if necessary because GFX Writer uses a special project format similar to PSD files.

Until you feel the need and have the budget to outsource, charting can be easily done with an intuitive product like GFX Writer. And an added bonus, you can decide to start creating graphics and product covers as a business and be the person others outsource to! This is certainly a product worth investigating.




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