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How to Reuse a Lace Front Wig

As we all know that lace front wigs are the best alternatives available to give a more natural and gorgeous look. No doubt lace front wigs are a little bit costly, however, buying a lace front wig is not a bad investment. Many peoples have doubts about the re-use of lace front wigs. Here we will discuss the re-use of these wigs and we will also discuss some important tips to maintain your wig for a long time.

Lace front wigs can surely be used multiple times if taken care of properly. Generally, the life span of a lace front can reach up to 1 year, if used properly. But some types of lace fronts like synthetics have a short life of about six months because they are easily entangled. So for using your wig repeatedly it is important to choose a high-quality lace front that is manufactured from human hairs.

Now we will further discuss that how to manage your lace front. How to properly install and remove your wig to curb the damages, making sure your wig can last longer.

Laundering of lace front wig

It is very easy to wash lace front wig. It is not that complicated as it may seem. Here are some simple steps for laundering lace front wigs. By following these steps, you can maximum retrain your wig from damage.

  1. Firstly, make sure to apply a wide-toothed brush or human fingers can also be used to brush the hairs. Now mildly brush all over the hairs, from roots to ends.
  2. Make sure to wash and condition your wig with sulfate-free or wig-friendly shampoo after every 3-5 weeks.
  3. Using hot water for laundry purposes can increase the shelf life of the wig.
  4. While applying conditioner, make sure you are not applying at the lace base because this can lead to hair shedding.
  5. Now remove the extra water by using a clean and dry towel. Remember not to wring or twist your wig during the drying process.
  6. Now place your wig at a wig stand and allow your wig to dry completely.

Maintenance of a lace front wig 

  1. For proper maintenance of the wig, condition it with natural oils to make it moisturized. Oils like jojoba oil, organ oil, coconut oil, etc. can be used for this purpose.
  2. When you are not using your wig for a long time, use the folding stand, Styrofoam head, or canvas block to maintain the proper shape of your wig.
  3. Don’t forget to remove your wig before going to the bed. Removing and wearing again in the next morning can take your time whereas, in the long run, it is beneficial for your wig health and your natural hairs too. 
  4. Brushing the wig while the hair is wet can lead to hair fall.

Proper removing of lace front wig

  • Firstly make a ponytail, packing all your wig hairs so you can see the edges. For short wigs, clips and bobby pins can be used to keep the sides of the wig up.
  • Take a towel and dip into the water, mixed with adhesive remover or wig remover liquid, now rub the towel gently to soften the glue at the edges.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes until you see the lace peeling off. Now slowly start removing from the edges and move around the scalp.
  • Continue the process and remove a small potion at a time.
  • When you have successfully removed the wig, now take off the wig cap.
  • Take a little shampoo in hand and apply at wig edges to remove any remaining glue.

Other ways like using a Vaseline oil can also be used to remove lace front wig.



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