Indulge in Kerala’s Backwaters With The Best Houseboats in Alleppey

A holiday to Kerala is incomplete without relaxing in the fantastic Alleppey backwater. When you enjoy the beautiful coconuts, the water fringes, the paddy fields, and the beautiful sights of the humane islands, you can rest and relax. A home boat experience is the best in the world, while the luxurious style of comfortable interior and delicious food is a treatment that makes your experience memorable and valuable.

The Best Houseboats in Alleppey

1. Angel Queen Houseboat

Angel Queen provides a charming stay, with single rooms, a fan, television, cable and bathrooms. The cuisine of Kerala rich in spices, fresh sea fish and barbecue is one of the main highlights of the experience. The top deck is the perfect location for cooling or having a good time with your loved ones.

2. Nova Holidays Houseboat

Nova Holidays has been designed to give you the best experience by treating guests as a family and ensuring they get the best experience possible. The houseboat is the perfect spot for a long or short stay. They have specially curated packages for the preferences of our customers while offering high-quality services.

3. Holiday Cruise Alleppey

Houseboats are one of the most significant attractions of the state and is unique in Kerala. Holiday Cruise is one of the best in the market among the various services. The cruise is led by professionals who are managing one of the best luxury houseboat experiences in the world you’re never going to forget!

4. Genesis Houseboat

Genesis Houseboat offers you with great attention to detail one of the most pleasant experiences and a well-trained team takes care of you. The tour takes you into the picturesque landscape of the Western Ghats and the tranquil cascades while you enjoy the fresh sea-brise. All together to make the houseboat experience complete and exciting.

5. Pulickattil Houseboat

Pulickattil Houseboat is one of the world’s most prominent and well-known names in the houseboat industry in Kerala. He has also won the Tourism Department’s appreciation for its impeccable service of luxury, food, and service. It was also highly valued not only in India but worldwide.

6. Tharangini Houseboat

Tharangini offers an experience in authentic style with traditional houseboats with wooden boards and fiber elements. The authentic feel is combined with the convenience of relaxing rooms, bathrooms, open living rooms, deck, and kitchens. Various specifications may be appropriate for you according to your budget and preferences.

7. Prasanthy Houseboats

Prasanthi Houseboats have linked up with different tour operators and are dedicated to ensuring an incredible holiday experience as a professional player in the houseboat market. Different types of packages and tours are tailored to your family or to your special person.

8. Welcome Cruise

Welcome cruise is one of Kerala’s premium housing services, with panoramic views and outstanding services in a contemporary interior. During a world-class experience, you can easily explore the beautiful waters and islands.

9. Spice Coast Cruise

For many centuries, Spice Coast Cruise was once used to transport goods and spices to and from the water. These boats have now become one of the most enchanting houseboats in which to experience the authenticity and rarity of Kerala culture and traditions.

10. Casablanca Houseboat

Casablanca Houseboat has three bedrooms and is ideal for a family or for a holiday with friends. The boats offer a unique bonding experience to relax and enjoy the calm backwaters of the shared dining and kitchen area of Alleppey.

Alleppey Houseboat Routes

There are several itineraries to travel around the water streams, particularly Lake Punnamada while visiting the Alleppey houseboat. You stay on board the night before you go to your destination for this beautiful star-light night.

Round trip Alleppey

This tour around Lake Punnamada takes you along the soft waves and little hamlets that lining both sides of the backwaters. The route takes you to Punnamada Lake. Their basic green paddy fields and coconut trademark trees are covered with them. You can spend the night aboard a cruise to the romantic atmosphere at Vattakayal lake.

Kottayam’s Alleppey

Probably the exotic and picturesque one of all is the houseboat cruise tour. It begins in Alleppey and takes you in the peaceful backwater areas. This is the perfect occasion to stay away from the rest of the world and enjoy the natural wealth of the Keralan backwaters. You can also witness the young farmers working in areas below sea level on this journey. Toddy is a popular alcoholic drink made from palm trees in southern India.

Mankotta’s Alleppey

The journey in Mankotta takes you to the coir-making villages of this region. It is one of Kerala’s largest small industries and it is a fascinating experience to witness the procedure first hand.

Thottapally Alleppey

A religious and cultural tour of Alleppey to Thottapally takes you. This one brings you to Champakhulam, a 400-year old Church which is one of 7 churches established by St. Thomas in Kerala, along with the scenic beauty of the backwaters. It also contains Lord Sri Krishna’s Ambalappuzha temple.

Kumarakom’s Alleppey

The Alappuzha Route to Kumarakom is ideal for watching birds and witnessing their daily fishing activities in the local villagers. The salty waters of Alleppey covered with water lilies flock to exotic migratory birds and local ones, creating a beautiful scene to witness.

Kidangra’s Alleppey

The Alleppey Kidangra route takes you on a journey through Vembanad Lake and the famous Pathiramanal Island. Both the trip and the places are very beautiful tourist experiences.

Alumkadavu Alleppey

Two-night cruises will be offered on this tour. You can visit where everything began with the history of houseboats. Previously, some of the clans living in Alukmadavu produced the houseboats or Kettuvallam’s as they say. This cruise will take you back there, and you can also hear a few folklore from the cruise officials on board.

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