Instagram Account Verification and Its Perks

Social media platforms are on the desktop or home screen of every other individual around the globe, irrespective of the gender and the age of that particular individual. Tons of social media platforms are available to the users for them to access their social accounts where they can post, share, and even communicate with their friends and family either by text messages or via video and voice chats. 

Many social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram also offer the option of verifying you as a user which makes your profile look more authentic and professional and it may also help you out in many ways in case you are trying to promote your business on these social media platforms.

One of the most influential platforms where people often find ways to get verified is Instagram. Now, most of the users have a question in mind, how to get verified on the Instagram trick? It may seem a stupid question at first but getting verified on this social media site can actually help you a lot in case you want to strive towards a career on digital platforms as an influencer, a trainer, or even a speaker.

The exact meaning of getting verified may seem different to different people but in a nutshell, it simply implies that the site has confirmed the presence of a global brand, a public figure, or a celebrity with the existence of this account. This also helps the followers in differentiating between a fan page that may be created by someone or a group of someone who follows that particular brand or celebrity heavily from the original accounts.

This also has its fair share of cons as if you have an account and you are really the true owner of that account and Instagram has not given you the blue tick, people may doubt the account’s existence and may feel a bit confused before they think of hitting the follow button.

If you think that you are capable enough and deserve the blue tick, then all you need to do is to carry out some simple steps that are given below to take the first step towards Instagram verification.

Steps to request verification on Instagram

  1. Open the website or the application to log into your account and open the settings of your Instagram account from the top right corner of your screen.
  2. From the settings option, click on the account button and then find and click on the “request verification” option.
  3. You will now need to enter the required details to proceed and then click on send to get your profile reviewed.

These are the three simple steps that you can use to send a review to Instagram itself. The platform will review your submission and will send you a mail that will decide whether your profile will be verified or not.

In case you think that you are not eligible enough for the blue tick Instagram verification just yet, you can try to learn and improvise from the tips that are given below;

1. Build your other social profile

This is the first step towards creating a stage for your account. Many sites where the nonvisual side is more dominant like Twitter have strong links with political and public press announcements. It is so because many politicians and public servants use Twitter as a medium to get the message out to the rest of the world. Visual dominated sites like Instagram have a similar effect of platforms like Tiktok and YouTube over them. You can try to do so by being more original about your voice and your appearance. You can try to develop great content that may attract profile visitors on your Instagram. Try to post as often as you can as dormant accounts are less likely to get the limelight.

2. Look out for impersonator profiles

Many fakes and social spammers may try to copy your profile and your content which can severely hurt your social image. Public figures often are impersonated by people to gain more followers and to get the benefits of being popular. The verification tick sets these accounts apart as the badge makes up for the fact that you are the only authentic of that brand or individual on the site.

3. Increase your account activity

It is quite a simple and obvious trick but it works like a charm. People who do not use the site frequently don’t stand a chance of getting verified as the admins look for activity before they proceed to the verification part. The best way to stay active and make your account a better fit for verification is by spending time on your audience, using insights to your advantage, and by posting pictures and stories that seem appealing.

For any more guidance, you can visit the Instagram help center. You can also visit the website for more.

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