Is Buying A Bathtub Online A Good Idea?

It seems as if everything can be purchased online nowadays, so why not buy a bathtub through the internet? Here is my take on shopping for bathtubs online, and whether you should do it.

Research Is Much Easier

The best thing you can do before any purchase (online or not) is to research the variety of options you have. This is relatively easy online, where you can read an acrylic bathtub review, the pros and cons of cast iron tubs, and the different design options available as well. You can also find information online from experts and amateurs on the best options for your needs and preferences, so as to make the most suitable purchase backed with appropriate information. 

Price Comparison

It’s easier to get deals online, and jumping from one website to another is less time consuming than shopping in person. With a quick search online you can easily find something within your budget, even if it is further away from your home than you would have ventured had you gone in-person. 


Of course, not everyone has the time (and energy) to spend a day or two searching through stores for the perfect bathtub. By shopping online, it’s easy to spend a few minutes on your commute or from the comfort of your bed as you search for the best options for you. 

Dimensions Are Exact

Ever went into a furniture store to find someone pulling out a tape measure, or was that someone you? Well, it may be a smart thing to do, but you may not measure correctly when you’re in a rush in a store. Online retailers often include the detailed dimensions of their products, even bathtubs. That means you can quickly decide which tub will be a perfect fit for your bathroom (and you) just by looking at the provided dimensions. No tape measure necessary. 

What To Watch Out For

Make sure that the website you are purchasing from is local, or at least that it delivers to your area within a reasonable time frame. You should also make sure to check the manufacturer’s data when shopping online, because it is all too easy to find yourself buying knock-offs disguised as high-end bathtubs. Beware of shopping through websites that are unsafe, and try to stick to well-known platforms like Amazon, Walmart, etc. After all, you are going to be sharing your credit card information to purchase the tub, so if you aren’t comfortable with the website, ignore it. It’s better to spend a little more money buying from a legitimate website. 


The bottom line is that online shopping offers more options, just as it does when you’re shopping for other products. There’s no shame in buying a bathtub online, and there’s no extra cost for delivery. Even if you bought a tub at the store, you’re probably paying for it to be delivered to your home, which usually comes out to be the same cost when shopping online. In fact, some retailers offer cheaper prices for online purchases. 

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