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Is skin hypersensitivity the reason for premature ejaculation?

Ejaculation is a desirable culmination of the intimacy that partners have with each other. But what if it comes too early?

One of the taboo topics, which is not sufficiently discussed in society and is at the same time, one of the reasons for dissatisfaction with love life, is premature ejaculation. As many as one-third of men will meet her during their lifetime. Feelings of concern and helplessness then raise several questions. What causes it, and how is the sensitivity of the organ related to it?

What is penile hypersensitivity?

If a man has increased organ sensitivity, it is manifested that even the slightest touch or friction of the acorn represents a high probability of rapid ejaculation. A 2017 study of 420 men showed an association between premature ejaculation and increased organ hypersensitivity.

The application of topically desensitizing agents usually helps to reduce the sensitivity of the organ. Still, it should be borne in mind that the agent may be transferred from the organ to the partner. It can be depleted of orgasm “due to a similar effect,” and again, at least one party will not be satisfied.

Other factors influencing the acceleration of ejaculation

Not only skin sensitivity can cause an adverse condition. Psychological reasons are often to blame, which is why men often struggle with a premature ending. It can be:

  • too early a love experience,
  • anxiety, depression, stress,
  • physical abuse,
  • lack of self-confidence,
  • feelings of guilt towards a partner caused by infidelity,
  • Too much concern about the climax and its course. 

Naturally, ejaculation may not benefit from changes in health and biological factors, such as:

  • accelerating ejaculation when there is a long period of time between physical intercourse,
  • abnormal hormone levels,
  • prostate problems,
  • chronic diseases and their treatment,
  • Urinary tract infections.

How can you help without medical intervention?

Men can reach for several options and try to reverse the negative state and delay ejaculation.

1. The expert advises

A recognized expert in the field of sexology MUDr. Vaclav Urbanek, CSc. he recommends regularity and a sufficient frequency of contact with men several times a week. “If there is a weekly or longer outage between the individual ejaculatory discharges, then during subsequent intercourse, each man will accelerate ejaculation. Please, this is not a disorder, but a physiological pattern,” adds the sexologist.

2. Our recommendations

Change the length and form of the foreplay, pay more attention to each other and delay contact, or discover the benefits of oral love;

Try to use the start-stop technique, which has proven itself to several men and has gradually worked their way to the desired length of contact;

Support the prolongation of contact with natural-based remedy, which serves primarily for this purpose and has a positive effect on the length and quality of contact;

Talk to your partner on this topic and do not try to hide your problem – you can contribute to positive change mainly by working together;

Use a condom – if you are not trying to conceive a baby, a condom can slightly dampen and soften sensitivity.

3. Breathing is not like breathing.

By breathing deeply and regularly, you can gain more control over your body than if you held your breath. You can also do training through masturbation.

4. Anesthetics

Another way to prevent premature ejaculation and keep the erection at the desired level is to numb. However, caution is in order. Organ numbness gels can have such a significant effect that your erection will be insufficient. In addition, a desensitizing agent that gets sensitive to sensitive areas could cause her to be numb.

5. Natural remedy to delay climax

Fortunately, there are already high-quality nutritional supplements on the market, which will also enable the prolongation of physical intercourse. In addition to herbs’ content, which is all Asian (ginseng) ground anchor or Peruvian maca, it is enriched with L-arginine and L-citrulline you also try some pills like Fildena 100.

Maca supports hormonal balance. The anchor helps improve the physical condition of a man, and ginseng is a panacea for many ailments, increases blood circulation, and performs well. The ingredients contained in the product have a positive effect on the length of physical intercourse, the quality of love life, a firm erection, and the performance of a man in bed.

6. Options to delay ejaculation

Expert recommendation: regularity of contacts

Renowned sexologist MUDr. Vaclav Urbanek, CSc. states as the most essential prerequisite for the treatment of premature ejaculation, ensuring regularity in a s**ual regime. In this case, regularity is understood several times a week.

“If between individual ejaculatory discharges (especially in the case of a young individual), there is a time outage of a week or even longer, then during the next intercourse, there will be a tendency for each man to accelerate ejaculation try Fildena 150 or vigora 100. Please, this is not a disorder, but a physiological rule.”




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