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Jojoba oil is generally known as a hair care ingredient

but it is essentially a natural skincare product that also provides hair health benefits.

Although natural products are generally more beneficial than their synthetic counterparts, it is important to understand that this is not always the case and the benefits of natural materials should be judged by the things they do and how these ingredients benefit your skin.

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Most commercial skincare products simply don’t contain enough ingredients and “natural is best” to describe their innocence. This is not always the case and you need to prove the claim or not. To do this, you need to check items that contain natural products. And make a deal for them.

In the case of jojoba oil,

The term “oil” must first be classified. In fact, it is not an oil but a wax. Technically, it is a liquid wax in structure and, when hydrogenated, bears a striking resemblance to the sperm whale, a solid wax derived from the sperm of the plant. Indeed, this is where it gets its most prominent applications and is used as a skincare product.

Once upon a time, the choice of wax and wax oil was of the elite and the luster of that day was sperm and sperm. However, because the sperm whale is an endangered species, it has been replaced by jojoba, which is available to the public due to its relatively low cost.

These include long-chain alcohols, 

esters and unsaturated fatty acids which are characteristic of sperm oils and spermatogenesis and also help the skin. Very good, this type of ingredient has the properties of coconut oil and other natural products that are beneficial for your skin. There are many synthetic cosmetics that contain the same alcohols and acids, but they are also likely to contain emulsifiers, minerals, oils, and surfactants that can be harmful and damage the skin. They pave the way for bacteria, viruses, and carcinogens.

Best Jojoba oil is naturally closer to natural skin oil, or fat, than any synthetic oil, and if you have a choice between synthetic alternatives and natural materials, which type should you choose? You can find your own skin oil, or its synthetic equivalent, which may contain substances that irritate skin cells and is the closest natural substance.

The choice is yours, but before they think about a bit of a rush and about themselves. His own oil never hurt him, and your skin oil never hurt you, so why choose an unnatural blend of oil (some may be natural) and synthetic chemicals over the real thing?

Using jojoba oil won’t save the whale, but it can help and will definitely protect your skin.



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