Link Building An SEO tactic raising Brand Awareness

We are living in a digital era and digital transformation is a catchall term describing the implementation of new technologies, processes, talents and much more.  In such a noisy space, where brands are engaged in a tough rivalry, establishing authority and building brand awareness would need a battle-tested strategy to outrank the rest of the sites. If you think SEO is an afterthought for raising brand awareness, then give it a second thought.

Your target customers are hunting for products in search engines. You have chances to show up your product in search results when the prospect is looking for it. Building brand recognition and catering to the need of your target audience can make you their preferred choice. To make it happen, you need to optimize your content and optimization bring you back to user experience. This is where the role of the Link Building Agency comes into play.

All SEO service is a complete solution to all your SEO needs. The team of professional SEOs and digital marketers can help you to rank high in Google and make your brand get noticed. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper to know Link building, an SEO tactic that can help you to make the difference.

What is Link Building in SEO ?

It is confirmed that the Google algorithm will identify you with links and quality content. Links are considered the most important ranking factor in Google and the core of the SEO strategy. Trustworthy sites use to link with other trustworthy sites making it all time winning SEO tactic.


Say it backlink, external link, HTML hyperlink or inbound Link, it is simply a pathway helping users to navigate between pages on the internet. Links work like a vote of confidence creating authority for your site and building relationships with target customers.

Dispelling The Myth Of Link Building And Branding

The highly pursued marketing objective is to increase brand awareness and get noticed. Branding is all about recognition, remembrance and differentiation. Every brand wants to conquer space in people’s minds.

Your brand image is the reflection of what people think and feels about you and SEO influences different aspects of user experience. SEO consists of strategies optimizing your website and web pages to rank high in search engines. This means high visibility on the internet would showcase what you have to offer. This way link building can help you to reinforce your brand and raise brand awareness with a strategy that does not require heavy investments.

For example, all SEO services consolidate their image in content with a strong link building strategy. It has conquered the top position for terms related to Link Building service which is making it the leader in its niche.

People who know all SEO service, as link building agency knows the content, perceive the quality that it can deliver and understand the value that it can add to a brand.

Hence, link building and brand awareness strategy can go hand in hand. Securing a top position in Google will make your brand famous and brand awareness would help to sustain your name in search results.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Link Building Service For Brand Awareness?

From social media to paid advertisement and branded content, influencer outreach to event sponsorship, there are multiple marketing and SEO strategies that can help you to build your brand.

However, you will find many of these strategies laborious or expensive for a newly set up small venture. In this regard, a well-crafted and effectively implemented link building strategy is ideal to gain healthy outcomes.

It helps to drive organic traffic

Building brand awareness is increasing the recognition of your brand voice. Link building is one of those strategic SEO practices that can help you to ace the game in the digital sphere. Link building strategies like broken links, infographics and active participation in social media communities can help you to gain high traffic organically.

Further, this is a good technique to create profiles at high pr profile creation sites to express your services. On the other hand, image submission on different websites is a professional way to explore your product’s visibility and image submission sites also give back high-quality do-follow backlinks.

Be mindful of the tactics when it comes to gaining organic traffic and ranking high. Because you need to earn links rather than buying them through manipulative practices.

Link building won’t give instant results. It requires focused and sustained efforts of professional SEOs and a lot of patience.

Establish Authority

Links from trustworthy sites increase credibility to your site that ultimately contributes to the authoritative strength of the site.

Securing high ranks in Google means public recognition. Pages with great content, good user experience and capability to respond effectively can help to secure and sustain this position. A high ranking in Google means reliable references for the prospect which leads to brand awareness.

It increases the Brand Reach

The link building strategy involves outreach to other sites and blogs in your niche. This outreach is related to the promotion of your product or service. The sole purpose of outreach is to get the link but it is more than that. Outreach can build long term relationships with key influencers. Through outreach, you are creating genuine evangelists that can make your brand highly regarded and most trusted among competitors.

Getting High-Quality Backlinks

A well-designed link building strategy can help you to boost your brand. Your link profile will help users to navigate, it will pass organic traffic and it will work as a vote of confidence, building relationships. So, what are you waiting for?

Here are few tips for those who put great emphasis on brand awareness and traffic, ranking, conversion and leads can help to achieve the desired outcomes:

Find Loyal Customers

For branding and value addition you need to uncover a handful of loyal customers that love your brand. In this way, you will end up with a link. You can send a partnership badge or ask for writing testimonials on social media with links back to you.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is all about fame, success and most importantly recognition of your brand. Blog contributes fresh material to Google and generates conversion across the web. The blog posts help brands to earn listing and links which ranks you high in SERPs. Don’t go for blogging on low-quality sites just for sake of link building. Quality content with the right promotion can help you to reap the benefits.

Get Involved In Your Local Community

You can have valuable, and highly influential links through community outreach. Host community events, donate for worthy causes and develop real-world relationships to get noticed. A good local link is an authentic and smart strategy to beat the competition.  

Bottom Line

If you are one of those thinking SEO has nothing to do with branding. It is time to know how securing top spots in Google can help companies to gain recognition among the masses. Now it’s time to integrate your branding and the link building strategy. And increase conversions, secure high ranks and yes build your brand name.

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