LinkedIn for Businesses: Keys to Multiply Your Sales Meetings and Leads

LinkedIn for Businesses

LinkedIn is the largest B2B professional social network, where companies and sales teams struggle every day to make a name for themselves and get more sales meetings, more leads, and more customers.

The question is, is it possible to achieve this? The answer is yes, with some nuances.

In LinkedIn, trust, authority, and networking are the basis of any commercial relationship, to the point that no executive gets involved in a sales conversation if they don’t know the person proposing something beforehand.

That means if your company’s commercial strategy on LinkedIn is based on sending direct commercial messages to your contacts or to every person who accepts your invitation to connect, you’re dead.

In the language of LinkedIn for businesses (Linkedin para empresas), you’ll be blocked by hundreds of people, and your image and that of your company will start to become very negative.

Alberto Alcocer is the CEO of a digital marketing agency that has been providing training and mentoring programs on LinkedIn for businesses to companies, executives, and marketing and sales teams for 10 years, helping them implement an effective sales strategy on LinkedIn.

His point of view on this matter is very clear.

Selling on LinkedIn is about the value you provide, how your contacts see what you offer, your reliability, and the conversations you generate in your day-to-day. In short, knowing how to sell without selling is the key to multiplying the volume of sales meetings and leads every month.”

How to attract leads and design an effective sales strategy on LinkedIn?

In general terms, there are 5 specific steps that must be worked on to sell on LinkedIn.

1.- Work on your value proposition

The value proposition tells us how we should work on communication and sales on LinkedIn. That’s why you must analyze the customer’s pain points, the benefits of what you’re selling, the value it adds, and the emotions it generates.

2.- Learn to work on social selling

Social selling is the working methodology to apply on LinkedIn for businesses, where what matters is the value you provide, your communication focused on sales, and how potential customers perceive you.

3.- A professional profile that generates interest

The personal profile is the key to generating trust and authority. Therefore, it must be well-worked and show the value you bring as a professional from the beginning.

4.- Publish valuable content

The content you publish is the key to achieving sales because it should help you be seen as an expert professional in what you sell. Being relevant and adding value with content is the best guarantee that you’re a good professional and the best way to get qualified leads on LinkedIn.

5.- Valuable contacts

It’s not just important to get contacts, but also to know how to design a non-invasive internal messaging strategy that will help you convert contacts into leads and get more sales meetings.


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