More Than Just A Thrift Store- Your Vehicle To Success Meesho Clone

‘Resell items and earn money”- this statement sounds like a fantasy, right? Not anymore, thanks to the numerous resale apps on the market. However, there’s an undisputed king in the resell market-Meesho app. If you are to look into your neighbor’s phone, there are many chances that you would find the Meesho app in it. That’s how famous and popular that app is. Get on with the trend to earn lucrative income and global recognition using Meesho clone app. It provides the benefits of the original along with added incentives as well. 

How does this work?

The entrepreneurs can purchase items from wholesalers or retailers and sell them at a lower price and earn profit for it. The product descriptions and images are posted to help the customers make informed decisions. The sellers can share it on their social media apps to earn more customers. It’s an online platform that provides revenue for the sellers and profits and deals for the users.

In-app features in meesho clone

  • Browse products
  • Filter categories
  • Set preferences
  • Multiple payment methods

Unique features that separate Meesho clone app from the others

  • Push notifications
  • Live to track
  • Customized user profile
  •  Send gifts
  • Follow users
  • Group chat
  •  Trending products

The workflow of the Meesho clone

  • Sellers can curate their products with product descriptions, images, and pricing. 
  • Buyers can search for the product by scrolling through the app or by searching specifically for it.
  • Those who wish to buy can contact the seller using the in-app chat option or just by clicking the buy button.
  • Notify the sellers about requests for purchase through push notifications. They can discuss the price and confirm the purchase. 
  • Paid orders are shipped to the buyer’s address. Once received they can confirm the purchase.

The seller panel

  • Dashboard 

The seller has a dashboard through which the admin notifies the purchase orders. 

  • Registration

The seller provides the necessary information like name and address. The admin later verifies it for security purposes.

  • Upload catalog

Upload the required details about the products like photos, description, and prices of the products available for resale. 

  • Bank details

Upload the details of the bank account for seamless payment. 

  • Analytics

The sellers can get detailed reports about the products sold on the platform.

  • Message users

To get into touch with the customer to negotiate the price etc.

  • View pending orders

View the products that have been placed on the platform.

The admin panel (meesho clone app)

The admin has full control over the app. The admin can track the buyer and seller’s activities, including transactions. 

  • Dashboard

Navigate easily using the dashboard.

  •  Request

The admin can view the pending registration requests and choose to accept or decline it.

  • Manage sellers

View and manage the account of the sellers on the platform.

  • Manage buyers

 View and manage the account of the users availing of the services of the platform.

  • Manage products

View and manage products up for sale on the platform.

  • Offers and discounts

They can promote products and services and also increase sales through offers and discounts. 

  • Manage advertisements

Admins can view and manage in-app advertisements. 

  • Reports

Learn useful information about the meesho clone app’s progress through periodically generated reports

  • Direct messaging

They can message both buyers and sellers directly. 

  • Customer support

Get in touch with customer support for help and information.

Reasons to launch an e-commerce platform

  • Double sales

With the ever-increasing popularity of e-commerce platforms, it’s a foolproof way to double sales.

  • Increased user engagement

Not just an ecommerce platform also being a community with blogs, articles, groups etc. it can increase user engagement within a short period. 

  • Brand recognition

Whitelabel nature of the app allows you to brand it the way you want.

  •  Seamless shopping

Offer a hassle-free and seamless shopping experience to your customers. 

  • Expand your horizons

Take your business to the next level using meesho clone app, which offers multilingual and multi-currency integrations to connect with a global audience. 

Earn money through

  • Commissions

Charge a percentage for every sale made through your platform as commission. offer subscription-based selling facilities to let sellers sell by paying a fee either monthly or annually 

  • Premium subscriptions

Regular users on the forum can be provided with a premium subscription or loyalty program. Bonuses such as free delivery, monthly offers, and discounts, extended features can be included as a part of the subscription. 

  • In-app advertisements 

Third parties can be allowed to advertise on your platform for a fee. The rates for it can be based on the placement of the ad, and size, etc. sellers can also be allowed to advertise on the platform to boost their sales. 

In a nutshell

These features implemented along with the Whitelabel and scalable solutions provided by meesho clone app is a sure way to create a niche for yourself in the e-commerce market. It’s your key to success. It’s in the bag!

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