Questions to Ask for Finding a Good Preschool

You’re excited. You’re happy about your child reaching this milestone. But before you start daydreaming about your child going to school for the first time, you’ll need to find one first. With so many options out there, you have your work cut out for you. As if looking for a good preschool isn’t hard enough, there’s also the coronavirus to consider. Here are some of the questions to help you figure out which school should top your shortlist. 

What is Its Educational Philosophy? 

Too many schools focus on a curriculum that’s loaded with too many activities that you aren’t even sure what kind of learning goals they have. But you believe in the teachers because they’re experts in what they do. To reach that point, though, you need to make sure you choose a school that looks after your child’s needs. Does the school encourage questions and experiential learning instead of just requiring kids to listen passively in class? 

What are the Credentials of the Teachers?
An important part of choosing the best international school in Kuala Lumpur for your kids is checking out the educational background as well as experience of the teachers and staff. Do they have the proper qualifications? Are they experts in the subjects they teach? Good teachers understand child development, which helps them manage the students. They know that each child has a personality, so they factor that into their interactions with the children. If the teachers are dedicated, caring, knowledgeable, and committed, if they invest time and effort into helping every pupil in their class achieve growth and success, then you’ve got excellent schooling choices in mind. 

What is the School’s Stance on Parental Involvement? 

In many schools, the extent of parental involvement is when you attend parent-teacher conferences, or when you attend an event to show support for your kids. However, some of the best schools recognize the importance of parents being more involved in every aspect of their children’s life at school. You’ll want to ask about that. If the teachers reach out to the parents, if there is a solid partnership between the parents and the teachers, then that’s ideal. Both parties working together will provide the support and help that the kids need, especially at this time. With so many children stressed over what’s happening, they might be underper forming at school because of worries and anxiety. When parents and teachers work together, they can help build a learning environment where children thrive. 

Are There Any Opportunities for Play? 

You’re enrolling your kid in preschool, not in college. Kids at this age need play. However, the best schools engage the kids in play aimed at helping them develop certain skills and traits. Some of the play activities, for instance, help them understand the value of being kind to others, not just in the way they communicate, but in the way they think of them. Preschool is where they get an intuitive understanding of how the world works. Through activities that encourage kids to ask questions, to investigate, to be curious, they’ll grow up with a love of learning. 

What Extracurricular does the School Offer?

Think about the activities that make your child happy. Does your child love to read or dance? What about singing or being read stories to? What about running around, jumping, and basically running all over the place? Knowing what kind of activities hold their interest will make it easier for you to pick an extracurricular programme where your child might excel at or enjoy. Which ones align with your little one’s interests? 

Are There Any Nap Times? 

Your kid is still growing and will need plenty of rest at some point during a busy preschool day. Does the school offer any nap times then? These naps should be ideally scheduled at the same time and shouldn’t last more than two hours. Will the school provide the pillow and mat as well as a sheet? You might need to provide them if you’re allowing your child to go to school for in-person classes. If you’re more comfortable starting your child to virtual classes for now, then setting up an alarm for when the nap time is done will make it easier to manage your child’s everyday nap times. 

How Do They Discipline the Kids? 

Ask what the teachers do to manage the children’s behavior? What do they do to engage the children’s attention? When the kids start to cry, saying they miss their mom or dad, how does the teacher handle those situations? You’ll want to ask and find out. You’ll be putting your children’s life in the teacher’s hands. You want to make sure they won’t leave your kids emotionally scarred for life. A good school will handle this in a way that results in a constructive, positive learning experience for the child. 

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