Sapphire Rings: Go Out Of The Box

Sapphire Rings

Sapphires are fast overtaking diamonds as Australia’s second most popular gemstone for engagement rings. This beautiful diamond has long been connected with the British monarchy and has even been referenced in the Bible as a metaphor for something of great worth. Sapphires may be found in the British Crown Jewels and Lady Diana’s engagement ring.

Indeed, they were highly prized in ancient Rome, Persia, and the Middle Ages for their gemstone value. Sapphire engagement rings in Australia are becoming more popular due to their remarkable beauty and rich history. Here are seven additional supporting arguments. That final one is a twist you won’t see coming.

They’re cheaper

In terms of cost, a sapphire’s dimensions, cut, colour, variation, and country of origin all have a role. However, they are often less expensive than diamonds of the same shape and carat weight in Australia. Therefore, they are a great alternative to engagement rings with diamonds for couples that desire a more extravagant piece but don’t have the funds for a more costly diamond. Rings set with white sapphires, for instance, are gaining popularity as a less expensive substitute for diamond engagement rings due to the stones’ superficial resemblance. Sapphires are also stunning as solitaires or accent stones, whether the design is contemporary, vintage, or ancient, regardless of the cut or form.

You may choose from a wide range of beautiful hues.

Sapphires come in a wide variety of colours, not simply white. They are available in Australia’s rainbow hues, from dark blue to lime green, pink to purple, and beyond. With its pure, velvety blue or violet-blue hue, a Kashmir sapphire is the most precious of the fancy sapphires and fetches the most excellent price per carat. Rubies and sapphires share a mineral composition. Therefore it may come as a surprise to learn that rubies are just red sapphires (corundum).

They’re the morally superior option.

In most cases, the local community profits from selling sapphires since they are mined in tiny mines owned by families or groups in the area. Furthermore, nations like Australia, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka, where mining circumstances are typically safe, account for the vast bulk of the world’s sapphire production.

They provide a special touch to your engagement ring.

Since diamonds are the most popular gemstone, they are also the most frequent engagement ring gemstone; a sapphire engagement ring in Australia stands out as a more unusual option. However, sapphires are particularly exceptional because of the wide range of colours they may be found in. The consequence is that no two sapphires are ever the same, even if they are the same hue.

They last a long time.

Although not as hard as diamonds (which have a Mohs hardness grade of 10), sapphires are exceedingly robust and long-lasting. They are great gemstones for daily use due to their durability. Sapphires are scratch-resistant, don’t chip, and can withstand being hammered or struck because they lack cleavage.

They are growing in worth.

As sapphires have become more popular as engagement ring gemstones, their value has increased to match demand. This phenomenon has been evident at auction houses throughout the globe for some time. Untreated sapphires, in particular, are seeing increased demand as more people learn about their benefits. These two developments have significantly boosted their worth, showing no signs of abating.

They are even more elusive than diamonds.

That’s right, it’s shocking, but the facts don’t lie. Sapphires are indeed much more exclusive than diamonds. The brilliant “a diamond is forever” advertising effort by De Beers permanently altered the public’s perception of diamonds; ever since then, we have always considered that diamonds are scarce. Diamonds are the most popular of the four precious stones, yet their rarity is relative to other jewels. In terms of rarity, sapphires are only surpassed by rubies and emeralds. Padparadscha sapphires, both orange and pink, are very uncommon. Gemstones of this quality are rare, which is why they fetch such high prices.


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