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Should Startups Choose Flutter For Mobile App Development?

The answer is ‘YES,’ especially if you are looking for the best platform for mobile app development projects. 

Gone are the days when software startups consider mobile apps an additional budget-draining task for their business. Thanks to advanced technology, mobile app development has become a very important part of every product plan in this mobile-driven era. For startups – who always need a faster time-to-market – Cross-platform app technologies are appealing options. While there are different types of cross-platform app frameworks, including Xamarin, React Native, Ionic, Adobe PhoneGap, Flutter is gaining more popularity among iOS and Android developers. 

For recent years, Flutter has continuously been booming as one of the best cross-platforms in the tech world. But still, the question remains, “is Flutter the right choice for startups in terms of cross-platform app development?” Here you will know the reasons why Flutter is the right choice. Let’s first start with Flutter’s introduction for better understanding. 

What is Flutter?

If you need an evolving and revolutionary framework for your startup, Flutter is the right choice! It is Google’s open-source UI software development kit that allows you to develop native apps. This framework ensures that your apps work on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Mac. Flutter lets developers create Android and iOS applications using a single code based on the dart programming language. This makes it a feature-rich and robust mobile UI framework for startups around the world. Some popular brands, including Alibaba and Tencent, have already integrated this framework for their mobile app development project. 

Now, it’s time to know the reasons for choosing Flutter for startups.

Top 5 reasons why startups should choose Flutter for cross-platform mobile app development

Reason # 1 – Fast development with lesser testing

As a Flutter mobile app development company owner, you can reuse code to develop apps from scratch. However, it means you have to translate a code into different programming languages instead of writing complete code from scratch. Hence, Flutter saves you time and effort to write other codes for several mobile applications. What’s more, a single quality analyst is enough to test Flutter apps’ functions, programs, and features to ensure their quality assurance. 

Reason # 2 – Intuitive and rich user experience

If you are looking for an app with the best experience and high performance, go with Flutter! This cross-platform framework comes with a wide range of integrated widgets such as Material Design and Cupertino, animation and motion, scrolling, styling, interactive models, etc. Also, you no need to adjust the UI while transferring Flutter to the other platforms thanks to its rendering engine. With Flutter, you not only customize the apps at your convenience but also can enjoy a beautiful, intuitive UI and UX. 

Reason # 3 – Ideal for MVP app development

If you are a startup and short on your budget for a highly functional cross-platform framework, Flutter is the ultimate option. This framework allows you to develop a mobile app in real-time with limited resources, time and budget. Flutter comes with several UI widgets, Hot Reload feature and supports 2-dimensional GPU accelerated APIs that make UI animations flawless and attractive. 

Reason # 4 – Close to native platform 

A Flutter app is developed directly into the machine code, which will exclude any performance errors during interpretation. Furthermore, a Flutter app is identical to the native app as it doesn’t depend on any intermediate code representations or understanding like other cross-platform frameworks. 

Reason # 5 – Multiple app development with the single code base

Last but not least, Flutter allows you to create multiple apps with a single code base. That’s why Flutter is the right choice for startups. Whether you want to launch your app on Google Play Store or Apple Store, Flutter allows you to develop functional apps using a single code-base that smoothly runs on different platforms. Also, you can bring your app idea into reality without hiring developers with other skills. In addition, Flutter is an affordable solution for developing apps for different channels without compromising the quality of the app. So, if you want to build an intuitive app with the Flutter framework, you need to hire a dedicated mobile app development company

The Bottom Line!

So, these are reasons why as a startup company owner, you should go with Flutter for a mobile app development project. After all, Flutter has everything that a startup wants, from low development cost to fast development speed. With its popularity, it is worth stating that Flutter will continue to expand in the business world and mobile applications’ growth. Even startups or upcoming companies have already started to shift to the impressive cross-platform framework for their mobile app needs. 



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