Stand a chance to become the top-rated ride-sharing business by launching the Lyft clone

Hi there! Private taxi transportation is more synonymous with Uber. But, Lyft is another giant in the private transportation services giving a tough competition to Uber. Lyft is a ride-sharing service provider that was founded in the year 2012. Initially, it was holding the name Zimride. Crowning a market share of 30% in the transportation industry, Lyft is the second-largest ride-sharing company in the U.S., next to Uber.

How it all started and how it is going for Lyft?

Lyft’s first-ever marketing was a pink moustache. Yes, the cars were mounted with pink moustaches, which were called “carstashes”, their first-ever branding that continued till the year 2015.  Initially, the company was offering regular vehicles for rides. Later, they introduced different yet sophisticated vehicle options for riders. They are,

  • Lyft Lux – Riders can travel in luxury vehicles that come under black car services.
  • Lyft Black XL – Riders will travel in SUV cars that fall under black car services.
  • Lyft XL – Normal rides, where up to six passengers can travel.

In 2017, Lyft stepped into the food delivery services by partnering with Taco Bell. For instance, users who are taking Lyft rides can order food through the app and direct the driver to stall at the closeby Taco Bell. This way, Lyft extended its services in the food delivery service. 

Currently, Lyft operates in 644 cities in the United States and twelve cities in Canada. With this knowledge of Lyft, we shall get into the essence of this blog. The aim behind curating this blog is to edify you on Lyft clone app development. Like how Uber and Lyft are making a revolution in the taxi industry by holding a larger user base, you too can make your taxi business more prominent. To get started, you must know about the Lyft clone.

Defining the Lyft clone

Lyft clone is a replicated version of the Lyft app. App developers will take into account the functionalities and features of successful apps and clone them. The result is the development of clone apps. The concept of clone app development is becoming welcoming among businesses and entrepreneurs as the clone apps are immediately deployable. Yes, clone apps are ready to launch and are also customizable. Further, we will see about the features, and cost of Lyft clone app development.

Factors employed in determining the cost of app development

In general, determining the cost of app development holds various factors. Here, let us analyze the factors that will determine the pricing structure of the clone app development.

  • Set of features you incorporate into the ready-made script.
  • Type of the platform on which you are willing to launch the app.
  • The country of your app developer will also decide the pricing of the app.

Since features constitute one of the costs determining factors of app development, we shall walk through the list of features.

Features To Be Considered In Your Lyft Clone 

We shall start from the basic features and narrow them down into the smart/advanced features of the app.

Profile creation

Passengers and drivers will have to submit their details and create profiles. As an admin, you can view the profile details of the passengers and the drivers.

Ride request

The passengers will initiate the booking process by entering the location details. Based on the details, a driver will be mapped for the passenger.

Real-time notifications

Notifications will be sent to passengers and drivers regarding the rides. In general, push notifications are sent to intimate passengers/drivers about the booking confirmation, payment verification, etc.,

Multiple payment modes

Never disappoint your passengers with fewer payment options. Instead, offer different payment modes that let users choose their desired payment mode.

In-app chat

Passengers or drivers can contact each other via the chat feature.

Ride history

Drivers and passengers can check upon their previous rides along with details like fare, date/time, location, etc., 


Reviews do matter! Reviews from drivers and passengers will help you in optimizing your business.

Until now, we have been discussing the staple features of the app. Next, we shall get to know the advanced features to be present in your Lyft clone. 

Ride scheduling

Passengers can schedule the rides for the future just by entering the location, date,/timing details.

Estimated fare

Even before riding, the passenger can get to know the fare that has to be paid. Using the app’s fare calculation algorithm, you can tell passengers about the fare in advance.


Passengers can view the assigned driver’s location. Likewise, drivers can also view the passenger’s current location.


Broaden the reach of your app by integrating multiple languages.


While the market scope for the ride-sharing industry is wide, you too can become the next Lyft by adopting unique strategies. Also, you must definitely consider launching the Lyft clone app that has the potential to drive your business successfully.

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