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Stunning Hairstyles For Special Occasions

For those days when your girl has to shine in a special way, there are also a series of hairstyles with which you will not fail. They will help the girl to be very cute. But without giving up that she continues to see herself as what she is: a girl.

We make the previous point because on more than one occasion. We have seen mothers who insist on certain hairstyles that only make girls look older. Although the mother obviously has the last word, we always advise against this option. With that in mind, we suggest the following hairstyles for girls on a special occasion.


Loose hair always favors girls, so we suggest that for that special occasion, you keep your hair loose. Although in this case, we suggest that the hair be dried a little more carefully. So that it looks very smooth and shiny, in case your hair is straight. Or very fluffy and hollow, in case you have it. curly.

The hairstyle is “culminated” by placing a floral headband or crown, a very fashionable accessory that you will surely love. And what’s more: if you are a mother and daughter. So, you can choose to wear the same crown, as a nod to your complicity.


The ponytail is a recurring and useful option, also for girls. Ideal for when they have to do sports, either at school or in their extracurricular activities. Whether parted or slicked back, the ponytail is comfortable for any girl. The only advice we should give you is not to tighten your hair too much and to use a soft hair tie, the kind that doesn’t damage your hair. One should try ponytail lemonade braids , it looks amazing.


The semi-collected is a hairstyle for girls that consists of collecting the upper strands of hair and leaving the lower ones loose. This way the face is clear. But the hair still looks long (something the girl will undoubtedly want to show off if she has a good mane).


Although now it seems that braids are more of a hairstyle for women, braids have always been a hairstyle for girls. That is why at Vanitas Espai we claim that this hairstyle for girls is recovered. In its most casual and most suitable version for going to school, we encourage you to comb your girl with two braids. Tie them with rubber bands of the same color or with bows. You will see how beautiful she is!


To make a root braid you have to have a bit of skill, but the result is, without a doubt, very beautiful. As its name suggests, it consists of making the braid by taking strands from the roots, in a way that simulates that the hair itself is a braid. The root braid can be total (and the result will be like an Amazon braid) or partial (and in that case our suggestion is that the braid goes parallel to the face, as a headband, and that most of the loose hair).


Although we are not very supportive of high updos for girls, there is an option that does keep the childish side of girls safe. It consists of separating the hair into two parts and making a bow with each of them. In this way, they are formed as two small pompoms on the head that can be adorned with ribbons or bows. It is a comfortable option that allows the girl to maintain the hairstyle throughout the day. Read about the famous Karate Kid Daniel Macchio.



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