Swiss watches and their compatibility in this age of smartphones

In the age of smartphones and 4G, beautiful and connected Swiss watches can be considered extinct halls, but when it comes to the watch market, Swiss watches are very interesting and sporty. Visit this site for more about smartwatches. 

A competitor or a real competitor?

Tissot’s T-Touch and Tag Heuer watches are becoming more and more intelligent, and it is clear that watchmakers are making comparisons between smartwatches and these traditional automatic premium watches. The question is, are these “smart” watches really dangerous for mechanical and self-made watches? There are two views on this.

First idea:

This is a serious threat to the Swiss watch market, and experts say demand for smartwatches is slowly declining. The basis of their opinion is as follows.

The newly developed smartwatches are multi-functional, allowing users to track multiple things at once.

These watches are mostly cell phones.

Smartwatches from brands like Tissot and Tag Heuer are also ‘Swiss Made’, so experts and fans of Swiss watches will love these works.

The cost of these accessories is much lower than these premium automatic watches, which is a practical choice for the technically capable young business class.


This group of enthusiasts believes that smartwatches will have no effect on the market for completely different watches and premium mechanical and automatic watches. This is the basis of the statement.

Premium Swiss watches are always attractive from a collector’s point of view. Also, this appeal is not for a brand or specific model, but for a classic mechanism aimed at ensuring accuracy over time.

Since self-rotation is usually based on the wearer’s wrist movement, no electricity is required to activate the watch. So replacing or charging the battery is not a problem.

Advanced automation, such as the master chronometer in Omega, is very accurate. This accuracy has been proven and tested in many ways. Therefore, such technical and engineering miracles cannot be replaced by “smart” watches based on integrated circuits (ICs).

Automatic watches are not only a technical miracle but also a work of art, so these watches are invaluable to the fans.

There is no doubt that smartwatches are a technical miracle full of features. On the other hand, premium brands of high-quality automatic Swiss watches look like the best old and mature Scotch whiskey bottles – they can be judged by a real expert.

The watch is one of the simplest but most useful inventions ever made by man. Not only is it a useful tool for teaching us about history and time, but it is also a way of publishing for many people. It is important to choose the best watch that suits your personality and shape. There are many types of watches and not all of them are suitable for everyone. Some look good with metal strap watches, while others can carry interesting, colorful watches. To determine the best watch, you need to know the types of watches in the market:

Digital Clock: These devices digitally display the date and time. It is suitable for people who work hard in the open air as it is generally resistant to wear. In addition, these watches come with radium light to be seen in the dark. Some of these watches are waterproof and can be worn while swimming. It is designed with young people in mind, so it is not suitable for corporate professionals. On the other hand, if you are looking for affordable watches that enhance your style, then digital watches are the best option for you.

Quartz watches: They do not fall into the category of cheap watches because they have to be made very accurately. In nature, there is a strong emphasis on analog, device styling, content. In addition to dialogue, the clock is just as important as the belt. Although some people prefer leather straps, there is a great need for metal straps. If you can carry a heavy watch, it is best to carry a metal watch. If you plan to invest heavily in your watch, you can also choose a watch included in the registration program.

c Smartwatches: These watches have recently been launched by mobile phone manufacturers like Sony and Samsung.

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