The 8 Most Visited European Countries

More than ever, world citizens are traveling now. The latest information published by the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations (UNWTO) shows an increase of 6 percent in international arrivals by 2018, totaling 1.4 billion, and is only anticipated to be achieved by 2020.

713 million international tourism arrivals were recorded in Europe alone or approximately half of the total. Growth in southern and Mediterranean Europe has increased, but the countries of Western and Central Europe remain the world’s leading tourism destinations and not only the countries most visited in Europe.

After that, you will find the top 8 countries most visited in Europe and why these countries are tourist magnets.

1. France

The Eifel Tower, museums and wine are not the most visited country in the world, France. The country has been attracting more visitors than any other European or global country for more than a decade now. Not a few are the reasons for this. There are many tourist attractions in the country that would not be sufficient a year to see and experience all it offers.

France is famous all over the country for its many beautiful palaces, castles, and cathedrals. Some of the most famous are the Palace of Versailles, Chambord Castle, and Notre-Dame Cathedral.

2. Spain

Italy is the third most visited country in the ancient continent of Europe and is home to some of the world’s most popular buildings, such as the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In 2016 there were 52,4 million visitors and another 58,3 million visitors in 2017.

The country is also known for its important art, architecture and culture, with its numerous castles, palaces, cathedrals, vineyards, and beaches. Another attraction for many is that of the Vatican Museums in the heart of Rome. After Paris and London, Rome itself is Europe’s third most visited city. The most visited cities in Italy are Florence, Venice, Milan and Naples.

And while Italian cuisine is worldwide, it is important for most people to eat pasta and pizza in Italy.

3. Italy

Italy is the third most visited country in the old continent of Europe and it has some of the most famous buildings in the world, such as the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In 2016 a total of 52.4 million visitors and another 58.3 million visitors arrived in 2017.

The country is known for its influential arts, architecture and culture, and has numerous castles, palaces, cathedrals, vineyards, and beaches. Another attraction for many is the Vatican Museums in the very heart of Rome. After Paris and London, Rome itself is the third largest city in Europe. The most popular places in Italy include Florence, Venice, Milan and Naples.

And although Italian food is worldwide, it is a must for many to eat pasta and pizza in Italy.

4. United Kingdom

The Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland of the Modern Age comprised four main countries: England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland. In the history of Europe and the world, the country has played a very important role.

Built during various periods of history, the castles, palaces, churches and other buildings attract millions of visitors each year. The most visited include the Stonehenge Cathedral, the Roman Baths and the Georgian City of Bath, the Cathedral of Canterbury, Cotswold, Warwick Castle and the Castle of Stirling.

In 2017, the country received 37.7 million travelers, 1.9 million more than in 2017. Especially during bank vacations and summer months the number of tourists is high.

5. Turkey

Probably every traveler’s dream is Istanbul. It was established in 660 BCE as the meeting point of Western and Oriental cultures, and before the Ottomans conquered the town, it was called Constantinople.

No traveller is going to skip Istanbul to Turkey. The town has a unique blend of Byzantine and Ottoman architecture, delicious mid-eastern food, nice weather and a large amount of friendly dogs and cats walking around the town.

37,6 million travellers were received by Turkey in 2017. Visiting the ancient Greek city of Ephesus, the Cappadocia rock valleys, the pure whites of Pamukkale, the ruins of the ancient Armenian capital Any and many more are all tourists interested in history.

A huge proportion of the total number of tourists travelling to Turkey every year go on holiday in one of the many luxury hotels in the major cities.

6. Germany

Strong tourism industry also has one of the world’s strongest economies. Tourism is a good proportion of the German budget. Without stopping in Germany, visitors are hardly traveling across Europe. In 2017, the country received 37.5 million visitors.

It shares borders in the north with Denman, in the East with Poland and the Czech Republic, in the south with Austria and Switzerland, in the southwest with France and in the west with Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Travelers can easily access Germany by train or plane to any of these countries.

To curious travelers, Germany has a lot to offer. Some of the buildings that attract the most visitors include the Cologne Cathedral, the Reichstag building, and Neuschwanstein Chateau, Heidelberg Castle. Aachen cathedral.

You could experience events such as the Oktoberfest, the Cologne Carnivals, Berlinale Film Festivals, and Unity Day when traveling to Germany at the right time.

7. Austria

Visited Austria in 2017, with nearly 30 million passengers. Austria can offer you both be you passionate about art or nature.

The Baroque castles and gardens, ruins and monuments dating from the Middle Ages, several days or even weeks, are not sufficient for the famous Austrian buildings to sneak at the height of their stunning castles, which were built mostly during the Habsburg rule.

Winter sports are famous in the Austrian Alps. Innsbruck is an absolute must for all ski enthusiasts or those who want to escape the busy city life.

8. Greece

The Hellenic Republic of Greece, the cradle of western civilization, welcomes millions each year. Since ancient times, it has been a tourist attraction. After 24.8 million visitors the previous year, 27.2 million people visited the country in 2017.

The Acropolis, the monasteries of Meteora, the mystical ruins of the Delphi, Hephaestus Temple and many more were among the most important sites for visitors. Among the most visited towns and islands are the capital of Athens, Thessaloniki, Corfu, Santorini and Crete. There are over 200 Greek islands, each more beautiful than the other you can visit.

In Greece, food is an unparalleled experience. It is a mix of Turkish and Italian cuisines with traditional Greek food. Greeks are known for their seafood and their cheese in particular.

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