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The Best Free Adobe Acrobat Alternative

Why are you still using Adobe Acrobat to create and edit PDFs when you can use a free alternative?

Since Adobe’s PDF format became an open standard in 2008 many users have turned to alternative software to handle files. Adobe’s flagship Acrobat application was once the only way to create PDFs. Now, that’s no longer the case.

This article looks at Adobe Acrobat alternative apps to help you generate and manipulate your PDFs.

Read on to learn what the best free editors offer. Learn how to create thousands of PDFs within seconds using C# code. And discover how to merge and convert PDFs into images and other formats.

What Is Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe developed the Portable Document Format in 1991. The goal was to create a paper-to-digital file that would look identical on any computer system.

Adobe released its free Adobe Acrobat Reader application to enable users to open and print PDFs. However, the reader offered limited interactivity and could not create new PDF documents. To generate and edit PDFs, you had to purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Although Adobe Acrobat Pro DC offers a free trial, the software will set you back at least $14.99 per month.

The good news is that other software companies offer free alternatives. But what features should these Acrobat substitutes include?

PDF Editor Features

At the most basic level, the free Adobe Acrobat alternative software should create a PDF from scratch. The best solutions must also include:

  • Page reordering and deletion
  • Export to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Password-protect files
  • Image to PDF conversion

The great news is that the top Acrobat alternatives promote these features and more!

PDF Reader and Editor Solutions

If all you need is a simple PDF reader like Acrobat Reader then look no further than your web browser.

Chrome and Firefox both include a PDF reader as standard. Edge goes one step further and lets you edit PDFs directly within the page. There are lots of plugins that you can install to add additional functionality too.

Office Software and Computer Coding

The LibreOffice and WPS Office suites are free alternatives to Microsoft Office.

Both include a document conversion to PDF facility. Also, any app that can print should let you create a PDF using the print dialog box.

Did you know that you can generate thousands of PDF files within seconds using computer code?

Read PDF C# coding techniques allow you to analyze PDFs and create new files. For example, you can search and replace thousands of documents with the correct customer details within seconds.

Merge PDF and Convert to PDF offers free PDF file conversion, both online and as a Windows download.

You can merge PDFs together, add annotations, and create basic forms within a PDF document. The Windows app also includes page numbering and watermarking.

Need your PDFs compressed?

Try’s free online service. Just upload one or more PDFs and download them at a fraction of the size. The site also lets you merge PDF files, convert to PDF from Word, and offers a simple PDF editor.

Adobe Acrobat Alternative Apps

A free Adobe Acrobat alternative is simply a Google search away.

There are dozens of free tools for every platform. You can merge PDF pages from different files and even convert them into different formats.

Read more about Adobe Acrobat and free PDF editor alternatives on our blog.



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