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The Impact Of Packaging On Your Candle Business

There was once a time when candles were used for the sole purpose of lighting the space. Today, candles are being used for all kinds of different purposes, whether it is for a romantic dinner or for creating a serene and relaxing ambience. Passionate candle makers explore and experiment with different combinations and blends of waxes, essential oils, scents, and wicks to create a product that reflects their creative insight and inspiration.  

There has been a huge influx of candle startups in the market with thousands of dedicated candle makers creating candles with the utmost dedication and passion. With the elevated market saturation, every business owner is trying to create a product that exceeds the industry standards and live up to the expectations of the target audience. One significant aspect that is often overlooked in the candle making process is that of packaging. Also, when it comes to shipping the product, you have to make sure that the candle box packaging can withstand the storage, transportation, and handling.  

A properly designed candle packaging can provide numerous benefits not just on a small business bottom-line, but also on your brand acuity through adequate product protection and an enhanced unboxing experience. 

Impact Of Packaging On Your Candle Business


No matter what type of container you are using for your candle formulation – whether it is glass jars, tins, tumblers, or any other material – they are all delicate. Candle containers need to be packaged with a high degree of care to ensure their protection. The last thing a business owner wants is for their products to arrive damaged to the consumer. You not only lose a substantial amount of profit, but it will convey a poor brand image and business representation. 

Shipping settings are often harsh. You don’t exactly know how and where your product will be handled before it ultimately reaches the customer. Thus, it is a good idea to imagine that your candle box packaging will be handled by someone who does not care what is inside the box. Assume that it will be kicked, thrown, and smashed multiple times. So, how exactly can you make your packaging non friable? 

Up until now, you might have believed that a large box with excess bubble wrapping can do the job. But we have come a long way in effective and innovative packaging that caters to the specific requirements of your product. It is best to use tough and durable corrugated packaging boxes for your candles as these are designed to handle a certain degree of abuse. Not that anyone should be treating your packaging like that, we still want to ensure that our product is 100% safe in the boxes. 


In a highly competitive market out there, how many chances do you really get to stand out from the crowd? You might be opting for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), conducting paid marketing campaigns, and maintaining an active presence on social media. Things like the standard of your candle, making ingredients and product photography are extremely crucial.  Your objective is to optimize the probability that a potential visitor on your business platform is transformed into a loyal customer. 

Once a customer has placed their order with you, you still get a number of opportunities to leave a mark and shine amongst the crowd. Product presentation is one such window of opportunity. The outer packaging box is the first thing that your customer sees when they receive your product.  It is therefore important that the presentation of your packaging is meaningful and leaves a lasting impression on the buyer.  

A customer that would have otherwise ordered only once might be persuaded to come back to place a second or third order. That is how powerful design and presentation can be in your candle container packaging. 


Customization essentially means a more effective and proficient interaction with the target audience.  The most significant benefit of customizing your candle packaging boxes is that it becomes a tool for marketing and advertising your brand. Customization allows a lot of room for creativity and experimenting with your imaginative insight. You can add personalized design elements, messages, slogans, and stickers to build a connection with the customer. Candle packaging boxes have numerous graphic abilities that allow the use of different printing techniques such as screen-printing and lithographic printing. 

Other than the graphic design elements, you can also print the product information and company details on your candle packaging. The printed brand information and details will shine more light on your business and will serve as an effective marketing strategy. Other than social media and electronics, printing over your candle packaging boxes will help you communicate directly with the target audience in an effective and affordable manner.

How you package your candles at the end is entirely up to you. But it is important that you understand the significance of packaging beyond that of simply being a vessel that carries and protects your products. Instead of viewing packaging as an independent element of your candle business, start considering it to be an integral component of your candle making process. 



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