The Importance of a Technical SEO Audit

Did you know the SEO industry is projected to reach over $77 billion by 2023?

With numbers like these, it’s no wonder so many businesses are clamoring for a technical SEO audit. But what is it? Why should you care?

The answer to both these questions lies in understanding just how much of an important role technical SEO plays. Not everyone knows that search engine optimization isn’t just about ranking in Google, but also ensuring your site is functioning correctly.

The main reason for this is that Google has clarified that they will no longer rank websites with bad user experience. Even if you have great content and backlinks, if your site isn’t functioning correctly, users won’t stick around.

So, what is technical SEO?

It’s all about making sure your site is functioning correctly and can be easily crawled by search engines. This includes everything from coding best practices to website performance optimization, which includes making sure your site loads quickly for users.

If you are wondering about the importance of a technical SEO audit, the short and simple guide is for you.

It Helps You Identify Areas That Need Improvement

A technical SEO audit will highlight issues with broken links, duplicate content, and other problems that could affect how well your site performs in search engines. These issues are often easy to fix, so fixing them will make a big difference in how well your site ranks.

Search engines are always updating their algorithms, and if your site isn’t optimized for them, it can lose rankings or even be removed from the results entirely. A technical SEO audit will help you stay ahead of the curve and make sure that doesn’t happen.

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It Helps You Avoid Wasting Money on Ineffective SEO Tactics

Many businesses try to improve their search engine rankings by using black hat or gray hat tactics. Methods that aren’t technically against Google’s guidelines but are not likely to result in long-term success either.

Black hat tactics, like keyword stuffing, are easy to spot and can lead to a penalty from Google. Gray hat tactics are harder to detect because they don’t violate any specific rules but still don’t provide any long-term benefit.

For example, adding hundreds of backlinks from low-quality sites won’t help your rankings at all. It just wastes time and money.

A SEO technical audit can help you identify these kinds of issues so that you can avoid wasting time or money on ineffective SEO methods.

It Helps You Make Your Site More User-Friendly

A technical SEO audit can also help you identify issues that might affect how well your site is performing in search engines.

If there’s a problem with your site’s content, it could be because of poor grammar or spelling. Sometimes, the issue may be more subtle. Maybe the content just isn’t relevant to the search terms people are using when they come to your site.

If you don’t know how to fix these issues, the technical SEO audit can help you figure out what needs to be done. You’ll learn how to improve your site’s content so that it’s more likely to rank well in search engines.

It Can Help Prevent Duplicate Content Issues

Duplicate content is one of the biggest problems facing search engines. If your site has too much duplicate content or if it’s not being indexed properly, it will hurt your rankings.

A SEO blog audit can help you find and fix duplicate content issues on your site. This will make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your content, which will lead to better rankings.

It Will Help You Find and Fix Redundant URLs

Redundant URLs are another big problem for websites. They can confuse users who might click on one link instead of another and end up on different pages than they were expecting.

You want to avoid this situation at all costs because it can lead to unhappy customers and readers.

Redundant URLs can also hurt your rankings by making it difficult for search engines to determine which page is most relevant to a user’s query. If you have too many duplicate pages on your site, you’ll need to do some work to fix them.

This can include merging them into one page or creating redirects so that users are redirected when they click on a link that doesn’t exist anymore. An SEO audit can help you find redundant URLs so that you can fix them before they become serious problems.

It Can Increase Traffic

A well-optimized website will attract more visitors and boost traffic to your site. Visitors are more likely to stay on a page if they’re getting what they came for quickly and easily, which means they’ll stay longer and come back more often.

The more traffic you have, the more potential customers you have for your business. A well-optimized site also means that users are more likely to click on your ads and that search engines will return your results first when someone searches for a specific keyword or phrase.

Technical SEO Audit: Make Sure Your Website Is Found in Search

If you’re wondering why you need to perform a technical SEO audit, don’t worry. It’s something that we’ve grown to take for granted.

To put it simply, if you don’t make sure your site is doing what it can to be search engine friendly, you might end up missing out on business. And no one wants that. We hope this article has given you a better idea of what makes a technical SEO audit so crucial.

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