The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Future Mobile Games

Mobile games have come a long way from the snake and ladder game of Nokia to online multiplayer games, to AR games like Pokemon Go. The mobile game market is growing exponentially and shows no signs of stopping in the near future. 

New technologies are seen entering the market to make the games more fun, and Artificial Intelligence is no exception. The simplest example of Artificial Intelligence in mobile games is bots. As real players do not fill the number of players at a time, the game will start after a certain number of players have joined the game, and then the game will fulfill the remaining number of players with bots. 

PUBG is a simple example of the same. When people start the match-making process, the game uses the bots to fulfill the match’s remaining spots. Therefore developers have started using Artificial Intelligence in their games, but many things can be done using Artificial Intelligence in the mobile game. 

But let’s have a look at what exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines. In this way, the machine is programmed to mimic humans or to think like humans. 

The most common example of AI is voice search on the phone. Siri, Google, Bixby are all examples of AI. For mobile games, using AI extensively is uncommon. However, we do have a game that is highly based on Artificial Intelligence. The game is developed by Google and is known as Artie’s Adventure. 

The game is VR based. The players have to help Artie in the game to find his way back home. In the journey, the player will have many choices to make and will interact with various other people in the game. The AI-powered characters will take and process the player’s inputs and will provide unique responses according to the same. The game is aimed at children, but this is a prime example of how mobile games have started incorporating AI. 

The use of AI is not limited to smart game characters. The AI can also create levels and expand the gameplay while the player plays the game. Minecraft is a great example of the same. The game procedurally creates content to keep the gameplay fresh for the players. 

This way, AI can personalize the gameplay of all the players to keep them engaged. The AI can change the game’s difficulty level based on the skills of the players at the starting of the game. Therefore, AI can provide the players with the best gaming experience by customizing the game’s difficulty level according to the player. 

Use of AI in mobile games and mobile game development process

The main reason why AI is used in-game is to provide a realistic experience in the game and keep the player interested and satisfied. Here are some uses of AI in mobile games and the mobile game development process:

To make the game smarter:

A smarter game is a fun game. When we talk about bots in the game, the person who kills the bot is considered a noob, as a bot can do nothing. The AI in the game is working at a reasonable rate by filling in the empty places by bots, but a bot does not make the game fun. 

Instead, it will be much better if the bots can take advantage of the environment. Suppose they can kill the person and use different game objects to hide or take advantage to shoot out of the blue. In simple terms, smart bots are needed in the games, and this is possible using AI. 

In various games, the AI can raise the characters’ difficulty level to keep the game interesting for the players. 

To make the game more real:

3D designing and technology have changed how we used to see mobile games. The design is now so realistic and amazing, and the players fall in love with just how the game looks. The 3D graphics, simulations based on proper physics, and recently the addition of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in mobile games have resulted in extremely appealing games. 

The gamers now don’t just want illustrative, but now they want games that take after the real world. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, developers can develop games that can react to the in-game reactions of the players and can interpret the moves of the player to act accordingly. 

To enhance the overall gaming experience:

Gamers are very considerate of the games that they play. They consider every detail of the game, not just in the aspect of the graphics of the game, but also how interactive the game is. 

Gamers do not want to play in just three levels of difficulty with the computer – Easy, Normal, and Hard. They want the level of difficulty to grow as their experience grows within the game, but they do not want the game to become so hard that they cannot move further in the game. 

The game should be able to respond as if the player is playing with another player, and therefore the Artificial reality can help the developers in doing so. 

To get information:

Games like The Walking Dead uses AI to gather information about the players. What they choose and what they like. The game has various choices that the players can make, and the Artificial Intelligence collects the information about the same to see what is the option that the majority of the players choose. 

Similarly, Artificial Intelligence can be used to track what all the users like and for various such information. Information plays a vital role in developing other mobile games and to push updates with new features in the game. This way, you can use the information to improve the game and to push updates that players love. 

To develop new levels:

Games like Candy Crush have very similar levels; the only difference in some levels is the level of difficulty and the number of tiles and candies used. 

Artificial Intelligence can evaluate the skills of the player by seeing the past performance of the players, and based on that, it can create custom levels for the player.  

In this way, instead of offering the same difficulty in levels to all the players, Artificial Intelligence can provide difficulty in the levels based on the players’ skills. This will allow all the players to finish various levels that they cannot finish if the difficulty is much greater than their skills.

Similarly, Artificial Intelligence can also provide hints to average players if they choose a difficult level, and therefore the player would be able to complete the level. 


Developers have just started incorporating Artificial Intelligence in their mobile games, but this is just the start. Artificial Intelligence is showing promising results, and soon, it is all set to change the players’ gaming experience. It will increase the engagement of users in the games. 

Gone are the days of playing plain and simple games. Nowadays, with the help of AI technology, you will witness smart games. 

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