The Undeniable Business Benefits of SMS Marketing

Are you still relying on email alone for your marketing efforts? Not sure if it’s worth launching an SMS marketing campaign?

97% of Americans now own a cellphone, so if your business isn’t making use of SMS marketing strategies, you’re missing out. Text messaging is a great way to connect with customers and build your business.

Here are the undeniable benefits of SMS marketing that you need to know about as a small business owner.

It’s More Effective Than Email Marketing

One of the best benefits of SMS marketing is that it is much more effective than email marketing.

SMS marketing has a 98% open rate and this is pretty impressive. With the average email open rate being only 22%, text messaging can be pretty effective as an alternative.

On top of this, there’s a higher conversion rate as well. If you’re trying to inspire a customer to take action it’s more likely that they’ll do so with SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS Marketing Will Help You Stay in Touch With Customers

One of the great things about SMS marketing is that it’s one of the best ways to build an ongoing relationship with your customers.

As opposed to other types of advertising where you’ll introduce your business to new people, SMS marketing allows you to get in touch with people who already have a relationship with your business. Once you have their phone number, you can continue to reach out to them with special offers and business information from time to time.

Maximizing the value of every customer is essential for building a business, so SMS marketing can be a great solution.

You Can Reach Your Audience Instantly

One of the top benefits of using SMS marketing over email marketing is that you’ll be able to reach members of your audience instantly no matter where they are.

Many people don’t check their email on mobile devices but instead will wait until they get home to check it on their laptop or desktop computer. However, most people always have their phones with them and will receive a text message soon after it’s sent.

This instant delivery opens up new marketing opportunities. It allows for new ways to build customer relationships that can’t be achieved with email marketing.

SMS Marketing Will Integrate With Other Platforms

Of the great things about text message marketing is that you can reach a lot of people all at once, just like with email marketing. You’ll be able to integrate SMS marketing with various CRMs and email marketing tools in order to send marketing messages to your customer base.

Because SMS marketing is becoming more common, it’s becoming easier to do and integrate it with tools that you might already have. Sending business SMS messages while being integrated with these tools is very easy and effective. You’ll be able to automate much of the process just like you can when sending email marketing messages.

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You’ll Have Plenty of Insight Into Your Campaigns

Another great thing about SMS marketing is that you can get a lot of great information on your campaigns and on your customers as a result. When you use SMS marketing tools, you’ll be able to track your campaigns. You’ll get a lot of real-time data on what your audience is doing and whether they’re responding to your messages and taking action or not.

Using SMS marketing will allow you to learn in real-time how your customers are responding to your offers and marketing messages. You can learn more about them over time as you continue to optimize your messaging.

SMS Marketing is a Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

It’s also important to realize that SMS marketing is very cost-effective compared to other types of marketing options. Advertising can be costly, so it’s important to do everything you can to minimize your costs while still getting great results.

While billboard ads and TV ads can be expensive, the cost of pay-per-click ads and social media ads are rising as well. More and more advertisers are using all of the most popular ad platforms and this can make your costs higher.

With SMS marketing, you can implement your strategy in a more cost-effective way. Text messaging allows you to connect with existing customers at a low cost and reach all of them at once with a very high open-rate.

Customers Can Respond Quickly and Easily

One of the best things about SMS marketing campaigns is that customers can respond to offers in a quick and efficient way.

You can allow your audience to use simple codes and keywords to respond to your message to easily tell you what they’re interested in. Nothing could be easier for them.

You can use this to great effect in your marketing campaigns. You can give your audience opportunities to hear more about specific services and request more information.

In addition to this, there will be easy opt-in and opt-out options for messages. They can easily change their status on your list as needed and your business will seem more trustworthy as a result.

Understanding the Undeniable Benefits of SMS Marketing

If you want to reach your customers in a quick and cost-effective way, then you should consider launching an SMS marketing campaign. Reaching customers through text messaging can be a great way to keep in touch with them and build an ongoing relationship.

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