These 5 Yogasanas can help in weight gain

Yoga is a great workout because it has a solution to every health-related problem. At a time when the whole world is busy doing weight loss. But there are some people who are anxious to gain weight and want to get fat.

Some people may eat wildly day and day or reduce their physical activity very much, but still, they are not able to gain weight. People who want to lose weight may look at them and say, how lucky they are!

But the truth is that people who are underweight are also facing health-related threats in the same way as overweight people are. Therefore, it is very important to get the right weight according to your height and age.

That is why in this article I will give information about 5 yoga asanas whose regular exercise can help in weight gain.

What happens when you are underweight? 

Before we explain what happens when underweight, it is important to know if you fall under the category of underweight. If your BMI is below 18.5, you will be considered underweight.

Although some people may be genetically underweight, others may be underweight because they are not getting enough nutrients from the food.

Many times the amount of nutrients in food is not as much as it should be. There can be two reasons for the lack of nutrients in the body. First, either nutritious food is being taken less. Second, the body is not able to absorb nutrients properly.

The body’s immune system is affected by nutritional deficiencies. It becomes difficult for you to avoid infections and diseases. Especially when you are recovering after surgery or prolonged illness.

If you do not eat enough of the nutrients, then new tissues/tissues will neither be able to form nor repair. Apart from this, you will also have an increased risk of getting flu/fever and pneumonia.

If you are not getting enough calories from food, it has to bear the cost of your rental, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, and central nervous system. The intake of nutrients not only nourishes these important parts of the body but also improves the quality of your skin and hair.

At times underweight you may experience fatigue and discomfort. Many times a person does not have enough courage to take a round of the park. Apart from this, along with less stamina, confidence may also have to be faced in this situation. When you gain weight properly, you feel more energetic.

How does yoga help you gain weight? 

Yoga works on a number of problems such as weak metabolism, stress, loss of appetite, and digestive problems. Yoga also keeps the weight constant to control these problems and ensures that you can achieve your weight goals.

Yoga increases the circulation of oxygen and blood in the body and it also helps in the absorption of nutrients. It makes the muscles strong as well as flexible. It also helps in improving stamina.

It is also very important to remember that yoga works primarily to regulate your metabolism. However, these asanas can also be done when you are trying to lose weight. They work in both situations.

However, you must keep in mind that weight gain or weight loss from yoga is done only under the supervision of a good and trained yoga trainer. Apart from this, it is also very important to eat food rich in nutrients in both these situations.

5 Yoga Poses For Weight Gain

1. Bhujangasana 

Bhujangasana mainly works on the digestive system. In addition, it helps to increase appetite, regulate metabolism, and remove blockages. The reproductive system is also stimulated by its practice. When you do stretching in Bhujangasan, it stresses the heart and improves the breathing process. This improves blood circulation and increases the ability to absorb nutrients.

 2. Vajrasana

Vajrasana is the posture that can be practiced immediately after a meal. It also works on the digestive system and maintains metabolism. This asana keeps the mind calm and works on every part of the body where meditation is required.

3. Matsyasana

In yoga science, Matsyasana has been described as a very beneficial posture for weight gain. It works on many parts of the body simultaneously including the thyroid gland. It regulates the overactive thyroid gland and also helps in reducing weight.

This helps to strengthen the circulatory, digestive, and reproductive systems. This also improves metabolism and nutritional nutrition. It also improves and corrects problems related to weight loss throughout the body.

4. Sarvangasana

Practicing Sarvangasana improves blood and oxygen supply to the body first. Since this asana is done in reverse, a lot of new blood reaches the parts of the body where normally the blood supply is reduced. This gives the body more boost than nutrients. All energy blocks open up and the body starts to become stronger.

5. Shavasana

This asana relaxes the body completely. Apart from this, it also helps to fully absorb the benefits of any asana in the body. When the absorption of nutrients in the body increases, the body automatically starts to recover itself.


These are just 5 asanas, but in yoga science, there are many such asanas from which ideal weight can be achieved. You can also get the gift of good health and happiness by doing yoga. Apart from this, you can also increase weight through your diet.

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