5 Things That Make Oahu the Best Hawaiian Island of All

5 Things That Make Oahu the Best Hawaiian Island of All
5 Things That Make Oahu the Best Hawaiian Island of All

Many people love traveling to tropical destinations for vacationing purposes. In 2019, before the pandemic, over 10 million people visited Hawaii.

There are many Hawaiian islands to explore, but Oahu seems to be one of the most popular spots for tourists.

Finding things to do in Oahu will elevate your experience and ensure it is a fun-filled vacation.

Keep reading if you’re interested in learning why Oahu is the best Hawaiian island to visit!

1. Boating

Oahu is claimed to be the best island in Hawaii by many people worldwide. The ocean provides special activities for tourists and locals, like boating.

Boating is one of the most common things to do in Oahu. It is also very versatile, offering many different activities like watersports, fishing, parasailing, etc.

Boating tours are very popular amongst tourists as they hope to get a glimpse at sea life. In fact, many participate in whale watching tours to get a once-in-a-lifetime viewing.

2. Beaches

Oahu is part of the islands of Hawaii that are notorious for their gorgeous beaches. Many people travel here to see the blue waters and pristine sands.

There’s nothing better than relaxing on the beach during your vacation. The warm sand and cool water will bring you tranquility as you spend time in Oahu.

If you’d like to have more fun, there are numerous beach activities to take part in. These activities include:

  • Sand sports
  • Sandcastle building
  • Seashell hunting
  • Exercise
  • Bonfire

Regardless of which activity you choose, you’ll have a fantastic time being beachside.

3. Adventure

Thanks to its adventure opportunities, Oahu is the best island to visit in Hawaii. The terrain allows excellent versatility for adventure seekers to enjoy throughout the year.

Hiking is a great way to exercise and explore the land simultaneously. There are many trails for hikers throughout the island, ensuring they do not get lost.

For thrill-seekers, you can rent ATVs to cover more ground while exploring. An ATV tour will guide you through the best parts of Oahu.

4. Scenery

The scenery in Oahu is absolutely breathtaking. The colors often surprise visitors as they are awestruck by their vibrancy.

Be sure to visit the national parks in the area to better experience the scenery. You can go on a helicopter tour to get an overhead perspective for a unique view of the island.

5. Culture

While in Oahu, you’ll be surrounded by the island’s culture. However, many tourists fail to immerse themselves in it. Your vacation is an excellent opportunity to learn about the lifestyle of the locals.

Find a local source to help you find the best food, traditions, and activities in the area. This will make your experience more unique than a regular tourist vacation.

The Best Hawaiian Island to Visit

These things prove that Oahu is the best Hawaiian island to visit.

Hopefully, you’ll be relaxing on the beach with a cold drink in your hand in no time!

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